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Are women intimidated by my vast intellect?

Again, again, and again I find myself in another convoluted paradox. For lust, is but the bitter byzantium like preponderance of evidence that belittles, and befittingly serves my genius. I am like the caecilian(of bourgeois and/or illiberal proportions no less!), in that my pride is my prejudice. Is that not a juxtaposed position? The truth may hurt. The world is a plethora of sensual desires that only cease to consribe all in it's crimson shadow, if only, a convoluted fiend, which I call fear, can be conquered. Only men of true faith, can walk the path I have walked. I fear him, for the day my iniquities are judged, I will be cast asunder like a abomination. However, this journey is likened to a mosque of slashed-up, dagonet-esque, and proverbial goldbrick cynicism. Yes , I have seen many women, claiming they can "walk on water" and "turn men into their slaves". They taint my bismarkian ideals, with leviathan like(of darkened Kalamazoo like make' make' entrapment!) exquisiteces. I hope my words have helped shed light on the subject at hand, for I am a gentlemen of the highest order, whom strives for purity.

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    I think they're intimidated by your long hair.

    And using big words doesn't necessarily certify intelligence. LOL.

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    I picked up on all you said and my recommendation is put down the thesaurus and tone that down to street talk. It's doesn't have to be text lingo but common enough for most women to relate to. I don't know anyone that would be into that. I like my guys to be articulate and if they have a way with words, they earn some major brownie points but this is just a little too much.

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    Now, upon seeing this, posthaste after answering your "Good Christian" question, I am quite of the opinion that you apparent eloquence, be it symbolic of an underlying intelligence or not, is false, and that you are no gentleman at all. You may also consider my previous offer of some semblance of friendship revoked, as it were, for it is increasingly apparent to me that you are, as the people say, a "troll."

    I Bid You Well.

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    I understood abotu 5% of what was written. I thought that I was smart----I'll have to re-buy a dictionary again, but yeah it may be intimidating. One of my best guy friends goes to the top ranked high school---though he doesn't seem to use big words often :)))

    It's not really a big deal unless, you're 'mean' about it, as long as you understand that she may not be as smart as you are then it'll be fine. also try not to correct her so much---that'd make her feel a little akward

    hope i helepd && good luck with whoever :))

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    In each of your questions, you are saying the same exact thing in each. It seems like you created this paragraph and continue to use the same one because it was difficult for you to come up with the one above. A true genius would be able to create a new paragraph than copying and pasting his old ones.

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    Yes it can be intimidating. If you go out on a date or if your currently dating someone do not act like you know everything because it will make you look stupid. My ex would act like he knew everything. He was one of the smartest people I know, but with him trying to show that he knows everything just made him look stupid.

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    People who use tons of fancy words when not needed don't look intellectual. They look poncy.

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    haha... i don't understand any of what you just said, but if you're trying to look cool to the ladies - it's not working...

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    nope, i could probally out do you....dont feel like it though

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