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Can anyone please help us identify this British Spider?

This thing has been living on our garden gate for over 12 months now. It did have a mate but it's disappeared (eaten probably).

It’s bigger than a 50 pence piece and has yellow tiger stripe / wasp type markings on its body. Before I saw these on camera I thought it was a black widow. Also, is it poisonous or dangerous? Any info or links appreciated. This is the best picture I could get with full macro. Unfortunately I couldn’t get underneath it. Any info or links appreciated. Thanks for reading all that:


ughh is that all? I've seen loads of garden spiders but not like this. Oh well.

Update 2:

oh yeah its nocturnal too

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    Its a European spider known as Steatoda grossa. Harmless, nasty sting but thats it. Often described as the false black widow due to its resemblance to the Australian black widow. So youre not too far out. These never have any red markings on their body. Looks like a male from the vertical pattern. ( third picture down)

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    It's a common garden spider. We used to get loads of them where we lived. They usually produce a beautiful orb web. On dewy mornings the webs look spectacular! No it's not poisonous or dangerous to humans.

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    It looks like a wolf spider, or a brown recluse. I would suggest calling an exterminator IMMEDIATELY. Brown recluse spider bites can take over A MONTH to recover from.

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    Looks freaky, i'd squish it before it finds it's way into your house and then crawls all over you whilst your asleep

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