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I can't bring a child into a world that doesn't have michael jackson?

my husband and i have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years and i finally found out i was last week. but now i am just so sad over the loss of michael jackson that i dont even think i can bring a baby into this world. my husband says he understands and supports me but i dont think he understands fully. i want to abort. i want to abort right now because michael jackson has died. should i tell my husband this? i dont want to sound crazy. will he support me?

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    Are you for real?

    the 2 don't relate

    your husband should have you institutionalized or something :)

    You should have the baby and then put him for adoption, because I don't think someone would want a baby to be raised by someone with a reason like this, to abort

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    Are you kidding me? You want an abortion because a celebrity died? You would rather kill a baby that you have been trying for for a while than bring the baby into this world without a Michael Jackson?!?

    Come on, think this over for a while. You will feel guilty afterward, trust me.

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    Ha, ha. That's a good one...er...right?

    I'm sure you feel a devastation at the loss of such a famous person but remember, Michael Jackson lives on in us all by how much he touched us and the legacy has left. You should share this with your child. We don't need to lament our loss. Instead, embrace the wonders that Michael has left us.

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    Is this a joke? if it is it's really not funny

    If it's not, you could tell your baby about michael jackson and what a loss it was to the world

    sunshine: we may be idiots but you are ignorant to not know many people are ****** up in the head in this world

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    "I don't want to sound crazy."

    ...it's a little too late for that.

    This is a joke, right? If not, you need professional help. And if your husband actually supports your decision to abort a baby just because MJ is dead, he needs professional help too.

    By the way, would actually abort a baby without telling your husband? Others have been saying that people like you shouldn't have a baby, but to keep a secret like this from your husband means you probably shouldn't be married either =/

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    It sounds like to me that you stupid enough to use the death of Michael Jackson as an excuse to have an abortion because you don't want to have this child. You are a pathetic animal and should not have children ever in your lifetime. Your husband is probably behind your back at this moment is trying to find a way to have some court ordered you insane and have you committed. I hate you and love to you all!

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    Please...please...get some F**king help.

    Both of you...if you abort the baby, both of you will rot in hell for

    such a stupid most idiotic decision basing a baby's life on the

    life span of a star you never met. To be honest, I don't know

    what kind of parent's you'll be to a child either way to have such a

    horrible and ridiculous mentality.

    so seriously, go get some f**king help....both of you.

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    The fact that you even asked this question proves that you shouldn't have children, with or without Michael Jackson being alive. There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with you. Seek help...

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    Just name your baby Blanket and all will be well...

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    you are a MORON.

    seek help. and if this is how you feel, then you need to have the baby and give it to someone who will love it regardless who is and isn't in the world, because that is SELFISH.

    GROW UP.

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