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Will I lose more weight if I workout every night or every other night?

I weigh 163 and I am 5 ft 8 inches.

13 lbs is my goal. I worked out and burned 700 calories last night and ate about 1,00 calories yesterday. Anyway is it better for me to workout every single night (burn 600-700 calories) or every other night.

I'm really tired tonight and don't feel like going - plus I'm not sure if it's healthy what I'm doing.



1,100 calories is how much I ate. Lol, sorry.

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    If it is strict cardio you are doing, every night or most every night, (or 5 to 6 days a week) is not so bad. One thing you can do is switch the intensity of the workouts too.

    Muscle/strength training is something different. In that case, you can still workout most every daily, IF, IF, IF, you work different muscle groups. You can alternate muscle groups, do one group one day, then another group the next day.

    In either case, you should have rest periods (a day or two) built in there where your muscle/system rests and recuperates. That is part of the process.

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    It concept, the greater energy you burn, the greater weight you could lose. So determining each and every night could make you lose greater weight, besides the undeniable fact that it may be good so which you will take an afternoon or 2 off in between artwork outs so your physique can get better. you are going to be able to desire to injure your self in case you do a hardcore work out daily.

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    It theory, the more calories you burn, the more weight you would lose.

    So working out every night would make you lose more weight, but it would be good for you to take a day or two off in between work outs so your body can recover. You might injure yourself if you do a hardcore workout every day.

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    if you don't eat more calories than that your probably losing weight anyway.. everyday is obviously more efficient than every other day.. you decide if your up for it.

    just make sure you take vitamin supplements to avoid fatigue

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