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Was my Doctor wrong by calling the police on me?

I recently went to the doctor's, everything was fine until I went to pay. The lady tried to charge me $130 and I said no way I have insurance and my share is not $130. This was just to my primary care. So the Office Manager came up and demanded I pay $130 and I said that is not my cost. She said you need to pay this now and I said that they are under contract with my insurance company (PHCS) and there is a negotiated rate and she needed to find the correct rate before I paid. She refused demanding I pay $130, so I said send me a bill and I will contact my insurance company. She started yelling you need to pay now or I will call the cops, I laughed and just left. I then proceeded to the pharmacy to fill my scripts but once I gave them to the pharmacist she said the doctors office called and said I had stole them and I would be arrested. I then go home and call my insurance company and explain what happened and they were disgusted. They said I did not owe $130 that my rate was only $63.50 and I didn't even need to pay anything on the day of service in accordance with my policy. While I am on the phone with the insurance company I receive a phone call from Officer Cox with the police department wanting to know where I was so he could come arrest me. I explained to him the situation but the Office Manager at the doctors office had him convinced I was wrong. Since I was on the phone with my insurance company I asked them to call the doctor's office and speak to the officer and they did. The insurance company argued with the officer and the doctors office manager for over 30 minutes and finally said the the doctor was in violation of the contract he has with them and the doctors office was wrong. The officer seems to accept this but asks me if I would come back up tp the doctors office and pay my share just to get it over with. I agreed and I regret doing so. When I arrived I was placed in hand cuffs and put in the back of his police car. I kept asking what I was being arrested for and I was just told to shut up. After sitting in the back of the officers car for over 30 minutes at a place where I know everyone cause I worked in the same office building as the doctor, the officer came out handed me a letter stating I could no longer be a patient of the doctors. He then took me out and uncuffed me saying I was lucky I wasn't going to jail. He escorted me inside to pay and then walked me out as we were walking out he knew what I was at the doctors for what medications I was on and I was furious that this information was disclosed, he told me they showed him my medical file. Like the day wasn't bad enough as it was when I did no wrong, my rights to privacy were violated by this doctor's office. Should I sue the doctor or what. I paid for a visit for which my scripts were called in as stolen so I had to find a new doctor the next day just to get the treatment I should have from my original doctor. Suggestions, PLEASE!!!!!

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    In the end, payment for services to your doctor is your responsibility not your insurance company. You left a business after using their services without paying. You could have been arrested. You did commit a crime.

    "Should I sue the doctor or what." - You have nothing to sue for.

    "I paid for a visit for which my scripts were called in as stolen so I had to find a new doctor the next day just to get the treatment" - No you did not. You left without paying and they reported them stolen as they were taken without payment.

    Your big mistake was leaving before the issue was resolved. You could have called the insurance company from the doctors office.

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    This sounds like a false claim. It is illegal. It's hard to prove, but if you have the scripts, then generally you can prove that they were not stolen just due to the handwriting. Go file a complaint against the office with the police station. If they take the case and find them guilty, then you can sue the office for damages, and likely punitive damages too.

    If they have done this before, then it'll be even easier to prove. Also, if you have the officer's name, feel free to file a complaint against him with his supervisor for unprofessional behavior. Not much will happen, but if he gets enough of those he'll get fired.

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    Oh, yes, you should definitely find an atty to sue doc, cops and probably municipality authorizing cops. Even if you did owe the $130, there are rules and procedures to follow according to the law of creditors' remedies. This is outrageous, actually. If you were a professional, the defamation dmgs over this would be considerable.

    So, cups up while you make appt with civil litigator experienced suing medical profession and cops!

    Make it hurt!

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    I would go online and find another doctor, first, and make sure that you don't go back to this one.

    Second, I would file a suit against the doctor, maybe for a violation of the hippa statute forbidding him from releasing your medical information?

    But, since you were not "arrested", merely detained, you probably don't have much you can sue for.

    Good Luck

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    Of course sue them and the police dept to they had no right to show him your medical records

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    ABSOFUCKLIYLY Sue !!! It is a civil matter if someone had not payed me my bill the cops do not get involved they tell me it is a civil mater.

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    Sue them big time.Go see a lawyer asap.

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    I smell a lawsuit

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