Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): Unknown error. ...HELP?

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so every single time i try to connect to the internet, no pages will load! it takes me about twenty times to reload the page before it finally loads, and it doesnt even load more
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This is normally caused when Proxy Server setings have been changed or added.

Start Internet Explorer
Click [Tools]
Select Internet Options

Click the [Connection] Tab
Highlight the BTopenworld connection and click [Settings]

Check that 'Use a proxy server...' and 'Use automatic configuration script' options do not have ticks next to them. (If they do, untick them).

Click [OK]

Close Internet Explorer, then restart it.

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cool but i use google chrome, i cant stant waiting for IE
IE takes about 2 minutes to even show up when i click on it :(
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