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Who is your favorite French Queen?

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    French Fries

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    My favorites:

    Eleanor of Aquitaine: queen of france and england

    Blanche of Castile: had a happy marriage

    Marguerite of Provence: sister of 3 queens and a queen herself

    Joan I of Navarre: mother of 3 kings and 1 queen consort

    Isabeau of Bavaria: the dark queen

    Anne of Brittany: two times queen

    Joan of France, Duchess of Berry: the saint

    Catherine de' Medici: her reputation

    Mary I of Scotland: tragic mary

    Marguerite de Valois: queen margot read alexandre dumas

    Marie de Medici: her paintings

    Anne of Austria: the three musketeers

    Maria Theresa of Spain: poor maria

    Maria Leszczyńska: the pitiful and dignified

    Marie Antoinette: the revolution

    Joséphine de Beauharnais: the empress

    Eugénie de Montijo: the last

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    Blanche of Castille, the mother of Louis IX, was an interesting woman, and a formidable personality.

    I think Catherine de Medici was a very interesting woman, a complex person.

    I also find Marie antoinette quite admirable in her way. She was a frivolous and pleasure-loving woman, but not as callous as people sometimes make out, and she behaved with great courage during the REvolution.

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    Marie Antoinette is my personal favorite. Her personal history and life are very fascinating to me. So fascinating in fact that I named one of my barbie's Marie Antoinette and reenacted the French revolution using her. Eh heh...I was nine and had just read a book on her and was very entertained with the French Revolution. Is that strange?

    I also find it interesting that the thing she is most remembered for, her apparently saying "let them eat cake". It was simply a lie told by one of Marie Antoinette's servants to rile the women of the Women's March on Versailles. I also find it odd how beautiful she apparently was. Artists during that time period were often very kind when painting; however, it is suspected that they rarely changed anything about Marie Antoinette's appearance.

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    Marie Antoinette

    And also Catherine Medici…..I am not too fond of the woman, but she is an interesting French queen to learn about.

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    Catherine de Medici - continued to wield a great deal of power, for a long time,even when dowager Queen.

    Note; Isabella 'The She Wolf of France' was NEVER queen of France, so no, she doesn't count.

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    married to Henri Navarre

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    Well, it doesn't QUITE count, but the "She-Wolf of France", Queen Isabella of England. She was the wife of Edward II of England, who she had executed, and was completely crazy. Though, for most of her reign the people loved her, she was eventually thrown into a cell for the rest of her life for being kind of a raging *****. She was queen of a PART of France for a time, and princess of France, and sister to Louis X of France. I'd say she was close enough to count.

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    Marie Antoinette, as she got a bad rap because she was a foreign born queen.

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    Eleanor of Aquitaine or Marie Antoinette (who was NOT an awful queen!)

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