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LA CANDY-lauren conrad?

do the characters in the book actually represent the real people?? i was just wondering cuz hte book is so like what happened well from what ive read. if they are who do they represent the closest??

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    I have finished reading the book and honestly I am trying to match the real life people with the charachters in her book and it IS difficult. Apprently, Lauren Conrad said how it may be similar to her life but the story is entirely fictional. After reading the book, you know that a lot of the events are quite similar to The Hills. However, "Jane" does not entirely represent Lauren. And if "Scarlett" has to represent Lo, it definitely doesn't.

    Overall, I can say that as much as the book does sound similar to The Hills, it is quite different. PS: It was a good easy read and kind of left us hanging. Can't wait to read the next one!

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    In an interview with her on E! she said that the characters are based on some people but only a little. I've never read it so I dont know who represents who

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