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If you love MJ click on this?

It is just Off The Wall that he died at only 50, Death can be such a Smooth Criminal. It's only Human Nature, sometimes you just can't Beat It. His music and original dance moves were a real Thriller, and hopefully when we look at our reflections we will all see that Man In The Mirror and his memory will live on. So RIP MJ and enjoy your moon walk. This weekend in honor of the King of pop I want to Rock With You!-

This is not really a question but if you were a Michael Jackson fan then please free to write your thoughts and feelings about this horrible tragedy.

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    Man, to actually see/hear that this man is impossible to comprehend! I can remember after, back as a youngster, that after the release of a new song/video we would be in the streets the next day imitating or having dance contests to see who could pop his moves the best...

    I can also remember after when Michael Jackson, first came out at the music awards with the Moon Walk, every one of us couldn’t believe it, “How did he do that, what was that, where did he come up with that?” The next day walking to school, in class, at lunch break, walking home kids were saying “Nah, man he did it like this, watch,” and no-one could quite get it, right…but everyone was doing it and wishing they could be Michael!

    Who of us, can't remember all the dance/look alike impersonators or every one of us wanting a gheeri-curl and sporting the Michael Jackson jackets/ in the streets trying to be just like Michael, for no better reason than we had nothing better to do than imagine we were Michael Jackson ourselves! No man in music or stardom touched the world like this heaven sent angel did!

    Without Michael Jackson there wouldn't have been no break dancing, hip-hop dancing, crump dancing, no true music or dancing that we know of today!!!

    Michael you will be utterly missed and I can't speak for anyone else, but I personally feel that I have lost a great piece of my life with your death and lost a member of my personal family!

    Oh, how "I can remember the times, Michael!"

    Michael should be ever remembered as a great wonder of the world for all times!

    Michael, please know that you will be held in the stars and heavens for us all!

    We love you and you will forever be missed by us all!

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    Michael Jackson is the King of pop and always will be. He was a very talented man. He had an usual distinctive voice and very original innovative dance moves. He created the most famous dance step which no one can do like him, the moonwalk. He was the first black person to have there music played regularly, which was a great thing. He was a confused and tortured soul. He was a talented man and gave us many many years of music but he had a hard life at home and with the media. He is loved by millions and he will never be forgotten by anyone. He is loved by millions of people all over the world. i know that his music will always live on. His music no matter how old it never dated and his old tracks are still and will continue to be played in nightclubs and all over the place. I think deep down he was troubled man and he is probably happier now then he ever was before.he was a musical genius and he is respected by so many. There are so many people grieving and praying for him at this Moment. He is an absolute legend and i hope that he rests in peace.

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    I think it was super sad for such a legend to die. he was an amazing entertainer.

    Yes, he had issues, but it's just like Elvis or John Lennon's death. A huge tragedy and shock.

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    The whole thing still hasn't hit me. It still feels like a big rumor or just someone trying to spread tabloid stories.

    I guess it won't hit until the autopsy says what happened. But still, it sucks. It's so unreal.

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    OMG i aint ever looin at them golden pants again..u kno where ur eyes google down too and i am not that kinda person! ughh loll i love him but no i cant see them pants hes hot and all but hes dead so i wish to respect him and pray for him. God wont give him paradise if this is all he taught us to be like. michael jackson was a good person, lets be good lol

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    Good Job! You used all of his song/ album titles.. I like it.. I think People should just stop it, if they dont have anything nice to say about him then dont say anything at all. I mean the man died barely 24 hrs ago. haters just let him rest in Peace.

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    i feel ya girl.

    i dont like that people are being cruel.

    no one deserves one...

    and u know im just trying to inflict the postives of michael just like u are!

    so u know ur really doing all micheal fans a favor.


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    I know it was just so sudden, and it's really kind of unbelievable, like a dream but he is human like us all and I really like the way that you added his songs to your writing like that, it was really cool.

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    I don't care that people think he was a child molester.

    He will always be my idol :P

    RIP Michael.


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    I am in shock I thought he was the best R.I.P Micheal

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