High school yearbook theme ideas...?

I'm going to be the editor-in-chief for my high school yearbook this year and am really excited. However, I cannot come up with a theme for the book that really makes sense and/or makes me excited. So, if you have an cool yearbook theme ideas, let me know :)


illinois. oh, and our mascot is a white tiger

Update 2:

no not really.

the school has only been open for like 4 years.

previous themes have been..

making history

defining the future

and "my life as..."

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    1 decade ago
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    I guess you could do a cool decade style design since its a turning of a new decade (2009-2010). You could either try to stereotype our decade, putting images of a lot of modern stuff that's happened this decade like the iphone, new cds like tha carter iii that are really popular, quantam of solace, etc. Like photoshop a pic of james bond diving from a huge bomb right next to or as the background of the soccer teams picture or next to a pic of a goalie diving in a similar fashion.

    Maaayybe some sad things too like hurricane katrina, 9/11, stuff to commemorate.

    Hope this helps

  • 1 decade ago

    what state are you in?Has there ever been a theme around the tiger?I have to think on it. How about a theme about the presidency since Obama is from Ill. Excluding Blago.

  • 1 decade ago

    do patterns and geometrical thing make it retro and white tiger like make it fresh new not smelly and old hope that helps

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