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My fiance is in England, and I'm here in US?

I need some advice. I am a university student and my fiance is in England. We just spent this past month together on my trip to England to visit him. We have looked into all of our options and everything has been so hard. He can't get a student visa because he can't afford the tuition cost. Work visa would be hard to get because he can't get into school, and therefore has no professional skills for the HB1 visa, and HB2 visas are harder to obtain apparently. We are unable to apply for the K1 Fiance visa at the moment because since I am a student, I don't have adequate income to support the visa. We have shared many tears and grief weighing out our shallowing options. As of right now, our only sensible option is for him to come on holiday for a few weeks during christmas time, and for me to go spend the summer with him. Maybe doing this for a few years until we can apply for the K1 Fiance visa is the right thing to do. Any comments or suggestions?

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    You can use a co-sponsor for the fiance visa. Any family member or friend will do. All that's required is adequate income.

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    I suggest you apply for the K1 Fiance visa and use a sponsor to help you meet the income qualifications. It should be pretty easy if he has never entered the United States without inspection and has a clear criminal record. Good Luck!

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    I would say your best bet is to continue visits until you get through school here and he gets through school there then make a move. If both of you have degrees, your options and chance of success in this matter are so much better.

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