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Will being able to fly help with a career in aeronautical engineering?

I want to know this because I really want to become a pilot. But not airline, because of how much time will be spent away from family/friends and how much pressure that would put on them.

So I was thinking of enlisting in the air force and when that's over do a career in aeronautical engineering. (I would do a bachelors of aeronautical engineering before joining the air force.)

Would this be an alright career path? Or would the years in the air force just be a waste?

By the way if I go through with this then I plan on flying from time to time just for enjoyment, after time in the air force is up.

And also, is a career in aeronautical engineering difficult? Is it a competitive field?

Thanks in advance.

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    Personally, I don't think knowledge of aeronautical engineering will complement your knowledge as a pilot.

    There may be certain things that you can "translate" between the two. For example, in aeronautical engineering you will study the physics of turbulent airflow, and as a pilot you'll learn how to deal with turbulence in flight. Having extra knowledge of turbulent airflow might help you better deal with turbulence in flight.

    For the most part, being able to fly won't help with a career in aeronautical engineering because they require completely different skill sets. Being a pilot requires you to be able to fly (obviously!), interpret navigational aids (i.e. maps), fly with certain meteorological phenomenon, fly IFR/VFR, prepare an aircraft for flight, etc.Being an aeronautical engineer requires you to be able to design (e.g. airfoils, airframes, etc.), apply physics (e.g. fluid dynamics), apply chemistry (e.g. material sciences), apply computational mathematics, etc.

    Having a pilot's license might help you as an aeronautical engineer, especially when your team of engineers needs a test pilot for a newly designed aircraft. Sometimes it's hard to find an experienced pilot for flight testing, but your years in the air force would certainly help with that.

    Career-wise, I don't know if aeronautical engineering is difficult, but they do get paid quite a hefty salary (apparently upwards of $100,000 per year). I would assume there are many tight deadlines that have to be met as aircraft have to be designed and produced as quickly as possible to beat competitors in a rather competitive market.

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    you're able to be able to stand situation in pilot training as your eyesight is vulnerable and could get weaker with time so which you're able to be able to correctly be REJECTED on a similar time as wanna be conscious for pilot interest. choose for AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING... it is a lot greater greater advantageous FOR YOU. imran

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    In a word "no".

    Being able to drive a car is not a real asset in knowing how to design one.

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