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Can I achieve this in 2 weeks?

I'm a solid person but I want to know if it's possible to make my abs more visible in 2 weeks of working out everyday plus how much cardio should I do in a day to make my abs more visible

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    everything's some steps in achieving sexy abs..

    1. Breathe in...breathe out...(it means you're alive..hehe)

    2. Go to your nearest gym and work out 7am..then go back at around 6pm...cardio should be at least 1hr in warm up and another 1 hr in cooling down..cardio helps you move and circulates your blood. (it applies on both morning and night.)

    3. At the gym, do some sit-ups...50 at least..but don't do it straight'll stress your back.

    4. Eat healthy foods...what are those?? .. fruits, veggies, lean meat (chicken breast i prefer)..reduce preservatives and salty no to chocolates ok?..and so as pizzas...that's a total fat..or....

    try to buy Shaun T's DVD..the Hip Hop Abs...that's the best way to have that sexy 6 back pain, no sit-up, no crunches, just movin' and groovin'. it's out in the'll never regret. promise...that DVD is cheap..

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    kind of hard to tell, you may have hit a plateau with your workout schedule, so switch it up a bit. some people can work their abs their whole life and never get a six pack.

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