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please help ! loves a pain ;( ...............~?

how do you tell this one girl you barely know, and goes to the same school as u , how u fell about her. i really really do love her. but bad thing is like one of my friend , who is a very good friend of hers told her that i liked her. i want to know her more and stufff........ i wanted to be a very good friend of her and get to hang out with her. it doesnt matter if she liked me or not . but i really really lalalove her and wanted to know her better. please help

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    first tell it to her what you really feel.. eventhough one of your friend told your feelings to her it's better that you, yourself is the one who will gonna say it straight to her.. and also explain to her that its not important if she does not feel the same way, but what's important is that you said it to her and you expressed your true feelings to her.. and say also to the girl that you want to be a very good friend of her and you want to hang out with her most of the time. you just want to kn0w her better and be a good friend of her. don't be afraid of explaining AND saying those things to her because, it will show your sincerity and your love to her and you care about her.. go ahead and don't let your friendship end.. you're a nice guy. fighting!! you're such a lovely angel!! ^_^

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    first off, if you barely know her then you cant say you love her.. love grows over time. ok now secondly. she already knows that u like her, if she likes u back then it will show, try flirting with her jsut a little bit and see what her reaction is. if it looks like she might have interest in u, then start off by just trying to be her friend then go from there

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    Talk to her. See if she's even interested in talking to you. If so talk to her NOT as much as possible but more than occasionally. Don't get obsessive with it. Just talk to her every day. If your good with words be sly and hint a few things. I don't know your situation but sometimes it's better to just be very blunt about it.

    Good Luck!

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    it doesn't hurt to take a chance it can lead to a good thing but then again a bad on as well. But it's always better to know they to wonder your whole life what could have happened. Talk to her before it's to late =]] Hope i helped.

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    first u talk to her about ur relationship.then u talk to her about her liking & what she thought about u.after her ans u tell her that u love her.& u like her so much

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    just talk to her. take her out this weekend.

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