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Jailbreak iPhone 3GS - Jailbreak iPhone 3G S - iPhone 3GS Jailbreak - Unlock Iphone 3GS?

"Jailbreak iPhone 3GS" - Jailbreak iPhone 3G S - iPhone 3GS Jailbreak - Unlock Iphone 3GS , these are some of the queries that i am searching since morning , but didnt find anything yet . can any one give me a link on "Jailbreak iPhone 3G S". ? ? ?

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    "Jailbreak iPhone 3GS" is not released yet, dev team is working hard on it, you can get the latest information on "Jailbreak iPhone 3GS" here

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    The jailbreak hasn't been packaged yet but is possible. They found the same exploits that made the iPod Touch 2G jailbreakable. The unlock is ready to go as soon as the jailbreak is released. Check for more info on the iPhone 3G S jailbreak and unlock.

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    Till now, iPhone 3GS hasn't been Jailbroken yet!

    But the iPhone 3G has been jailbroken successfully. I think 3GS's Jailbreak won't be too far from now!!

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    The iPhone Dev Team has announced that they have found an exploit that will allow jailbreaking and unlocking for the iPhone 3GS.

    Get more information on the iPhone Dev Team Blog at:

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    They are reporting that due some bugs and unexpected changes, they plan to release their tools in phases and have started off by releasing PwnageTool for Mac OS X to jailbreak iPhone OS 3.0. When Apple announced that iPhone OS 3.0 will be released on June 17 at WWDC 2009 Keynote address, all those who had jailbroken their iPhone either to install jailbreak apps or to unlock their iPhone were eagerly waiting to know if the iPhone Dev Team will release updated tools to jailbreak iPhone OS 3.0 and yellowsn0w to unlock iPhone OS 3.0? They plan to release QuickPwn for Mac OS X and Windows soon.

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    iPhones are unlocked via Apple who, under instruction from your carrier, types the IMEI of your iPhone into their firmware update servers and pushes to your device a copy of an 'unlocked firmware' based on your device's IMEI. It depends on whether or not your carrier will allow you to unlock the phone. Best bet is to give them a ring and find out =]

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    visit following.

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