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mma gym near medina ohio?

I'm looking for an mma gym near medina ohio?

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    Well there are 7 gyms in Ohio. I don't know where Medina is but this should help you out.

    1.World BJJ Association - Blanchester, OH

    Instructor Lee Hines & Mark Holloway107 South Brodway, Blanchester

    2.Team G-Force MMA

    Mixed Martial Arts Training Center

    8510 Beechmont Ave, Cincinnati

    3.Griffon Rawl Thai Boxing & MMA Gym

    6070 Pinecone Dr, Mentor

    4.Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Center of Ohio

    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Submission Wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts

    10333 Northfield Rd, Northfield

    5.Columbus Ninjutsu Club

    Self-defense MA, teaching Bansenshukai Ninjutsu, American Jujitsu, Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, & MMA.

    6124 Busch Blvd, Columbus

    6.Tuff-N-Stuff Fitness Gym

    MMA Style Gym/ School

    2216 Romig Rd, North Canton

    7.Bo Kimly's Martial Arts Alliance Inc.

    We do MMA, and Ju-Jutsu

    3777 Ridge Mill Dr., Hilliard

    Hopefully one of those gyms is close to you.

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    There is one in Medina called Nutter Training Center it is a remodeled portion of Redstone Storage owned by Tom Judson but he sold the gym portion to Nick and Neal Nutter so I would give that a try man.

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    Look for boxing gyms and Martial Arts studios in Columbus and Cincy.

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