Are greedy labor unions bankrupting our cities, counties, and states?

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    Do the math: Only 36% of government workers belong to unions and no one with an office in the City Hall, the County Seat or the State Capitol is a union member. The suit and tie people with the big salaries and outrageous benefits don't belong to unions. What's bankrupting our governments is the bloated bureacracies that are full of these people - and their friends and relatives. The higher up the position, the more likely they're driving a government car (all expenses paid) and have mulitple secretaries, assistants and aides. Now, throw in a few consultants and counsels and you've got a BIG expense. Multiply this by the total number of government and school district "executives" in this country and you've got the recipe for bankruptcy. Add to this that state and local governments are dependent on property taxes which have tanked and it's not a pretty picture.

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    Stock brokers, investment bankers and others entrusted with pension plans and other financial instruments who let their greed go unchecked caused this economic crisis. Taking 4 day spa weekends and flying private jets after taking bailout money is not something you do.

    Labor unions did not buy the toxic mortgages or approve the ninja (No Income, No Job, No Assets) loans just to get those interest payments.

    When you complain about unions remember things like the 8 hour day and the weekend and the vacation and the pension and health care that they made possible. If not for them most of you would be still working a 12 hour, 6 day work week.

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    California is the poster child for this. They gave huge raises to the prison guards and teachers within the past few years and now can't afford to pay them.

    one bond rating agency today even said that they are counseling clients to immediately sell all California municipal bonds because they state probably won't be able to repay as promised. [seen at money.cnn, i believe -- or maybe at]

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    I think GM and Chrysler proves that point nicely.

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    Yes they are. Don't forget the airlines.

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