Is America sure to fail as an Empire just like Greece, Rome etc. etc. and other empires have in the past?


Sure people might laugh at this but history has a weird way of repeating itself. This countries quality of life is becoming...well..low....; Guess what Rome was doing before they were about to fail? They were Fat, they were Lazy, and ohhh guess what? They used slaves to make products and do all the hard work for them i.e. especially "manufacturing". Sound familiar to anything like we have today? Fat,lazy people, stuff made in China; Wal-Mart being a good example maybe? 50 Years ago most young people would be working a good middle class job in steel work or something, and making in today's money 60 grand a year or MORE....not..not happening to most people anymore, America is becoming deindustrialized and a second rate country at an alarming pace. Almost all empires eventually collapsed due to POOR FISCAL AND ECONOMIC POLICY, COUPLED WITH POLITICAL CORRUPTIONS sound familiar? Then get this, according to Alexander Tyler & James Olson two famous philosophers, Democracies and great empires come in 8 steps before they die and crumble to their knees. Note: They wrote this awhile back and it sounds exactly like what's happening now and has already partially happened to America in the past. Read what they say bellow;

"The average age of the worlds greatest civilizations from the beginning

of history, has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these

nations always progressed through the following sequence NOTE THE COMMENTS TO THE SIDES REGARDING AMERICA IS MY INPUT FOR THE BELLOW 8 STEPS:


1. From bondage to spiritual faith;-Founders of the country being oppressed by britain

2. From spiritual faith to great courage;-Taking on the British Empire

3. From courage to liberty;Declaration of Independence the Constitution

4. From liberty to abundance;-Right after WW2 Abundance of wealth and power was at it's height in America

5. From abundance to complacency;50s 60s baby boomers loving everything still a strong economy and manufacturing.

6. From complacency to apathy;People today; their kids might be being killed in Iraq, and over 10% of people might be jobless....bahh juts get me another beer and let me watch TV I hate politics.

7. From apathy to dependence;Complete Government control; people can't take care of themselves and are scared, things like socialized medicine that Obama is calling for etc. will take affect.

8. From dependence back into bondage;The government will become a total dictatorship with an oligarchy in charge probably bankers.

They predict that we are in ohh stage 6 right about now about to hit 7 in a decade or two if we are lucky. Most Americans can give two craps about what's going on they are too "apathetic" in stage 6 and are worried about the super bowl and American Idol, and how they are going to get more sex. Meanwhile while you are worried about all these minuscule things, people working in China 16 hours a day for pennies were making your products and your jobs were going down hill; you didn't care though, you just kept going to Wal-Mart and using credit cards, not knowing that you were actually paying for your own demise. What do people here think? Does anyone even really care anymore? When I try to talk to a lot of people about this it's always ohh I don't like politics. GREAT!! You will. You just haven't been discomforted enough yet to care. Maybe when you are unemployed or can't hardly eat anymore you will become more interested. So what do people here that care think we should do about this RIGHT NOW? How can we if it's even possible save the American Empire?

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    If you look back at some of the ancient civilizations they all had really high points, and then they would crash. Not fall completely, but pretty close. The only way we will save America is to let everything crash and rebuild. All these "stimulus" packages are just bandaids on a situation that needs surgery.

    We need to stop sending jobs over seas, Walmart needs to sell only things made in America (like the way it started), and put America back to work for itself. If half the jobs we send to China were brought back to the US, we would save America. But the corrupted government doesn't see people, they see money. We're all screwed one way or another.

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    The health care can get expensive but I doubt if that or the bailout, automatically equals America's doom.

    Other things to consider about America is like Rome falling.

    1. Over extended Military reach. Whether or not, America is protecting freedom & democracy, America's Military commitments worldwide are very vast and taxing and defense still takes up the biggest chunk of the National Budget. Rome's Armies had incredible amount of territory to defend and the barbarians wore down on the Legions through the centuries. The British Empire basically went bankrupt fending off Germany in two world wars and trying to maintain worldwide colonies at the same time.

    2. The rise of other powers that can work for less (this one you mentioned) We must remember that India and China both have middle classes that equal almost 300 million a piece for each country and growing, that is the same size as the U.S. (rich and poor included)

    3. Selling off our debt to foreign creditors. Whether it be allies like Britain and Japan or rivals like China, foreign governments now hold about 40% of the debt bonds the U.S. sells and what they do with them can force our hand.

    4. Different cultures sticking with their own instead of coming together. Having different colors of people in the same borders doesn't undermine a society, instead it's the lack of cultural cohesion that can spell doom. Multiculturalism is a killer because it emphasizes showing loyalty towards your ancestral land instead of the land one resides in now.

    5. Modern thinking and moral relativism. This basically means that no one moral standard can become The Standard and anyone has a legit reason for doing anything on some level. With moral outrage neutralized, it is hard to hold outrageous and morally corrupt behavior in check.

    So yes, with these factors uncorrected, the U.S., despite being the last Super Power can be in big trouble like ancient powers once were.

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    Every Empire that has ever existed has fallen.

    America was, very briefly, an Empire at the very begining of the 20th century, when it defeated Spain and siezed it's remaining Imperial possessions. It ceased being an empire with the independence of Cuba & the Philipines. America's possessions are now limited to a few tiny islands in the caribean and south pacific, from which it derives no apreciable wealth, power or influence (though Puerto Rico's pretty nice, I hear).

    The American Empire has already fallen.

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    Look, I appreciate the question, but you lose us when you go on too long.

    Although, I don't like the direction that we are currently headed, I have an enormous faith in the American spirit. Believe it or not, we are a unique group of individuals. Most of us come from an immigrant stock of hard working folks who believe that in freedom we possess the right to succeed or not. This country was founded on principles found in few other places.

    Yes, some choose to forget the founding principles of this nation and they may also forget the blood that was shed for them to live in a country they will likely never want to leave. However, I have hope in those who haven't forgotten and faith that they will teach their children and grandchildren about what has always been inherently good about America.

    I won't give up on America, ever.

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    You know the funny thing about your question... we are far from an empire, and things are a lot different today then in the days of the Empire domination eras, we dont rule the known world we are just a powerful nation existing in a world of other powerful and not so fortunate nations. But as a super power we are hear to stay, that is until someone finds a way to make nuclear weapons obsolete. Look at ountries like France, UK, Germany and Japan, all countries that have gone through multiple economic and social blunders through hundreds of years of modern history (im talkin about 1500-now), we are just paying our historical dues for being such a young nation, I mean France has had two revolutions and been invaded sucessfully twice and look at them now, a modest power in the world, they dont look up to too many countries. And look at the UK, they have been through so many financial disasters and has even had their entire capitol bombed to shreds, and they made it out quite ok (speaking in terms of today) Japan has even lost as much as 8% of its total poulation in wars and has been nuked twice and had its capitol torched, and now it is an economical powerhouse and the Islands of Japan are all fortresses. Just know that while times look down, we will never go up again till we start really wanting it.

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    Absolutely! I've been saying this for years, though I've never heard of this scale. I wonder though if it applies only to western societies, the long history of India and even longer the Chinese doesn't really fit this mold. Maybe if you break China down by Dynasties it would work.

    As for Obama ruining the nation, yeah he's scary as heck, but he didn't elect himself. The really scary aspect, the one that could fit into number 6 or 7, is that so many people blindly came to worship him because the press and the unions loved him.

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    You have answered your own question. Like the British, we must give up our empire and live as equals among other nations. We have alot of privilege, internationally, now. Our living standards will go down. The deterioration of our health care system is the beginning of that.

    The lower standards of living will motivate the best and brightest, now doing unproductive military service, manufacture, and development of weapons, will be affordable to Industrial and consumer goods manufactures.

    We will be able to afford household servants because the wages will become acceptable because of a safety network that only addresses basics and a public transportation system that is cheap.

    It is not just the taxes that go to support a huge military to defend the empire that will be freed up, it will be the talent and manpower and brainpower that will become affordable to manufactures.

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    A government can only grow and gain power, by enticing people to become less independent, and more dependent upon the government. The result is discouraging and punishing productive people, rewarding unproductive people. The more productive you are, the less you depend on the government or others.

    Then it comes down to basic economics. As people become less productive, consumption becomes greater than production, until the nation collapses.

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    this is a very difficult question to really answer.

    One one hand, 200 yrs? lol think more like 4-5 years for us.

    Our "American Dream" has failed to include everyone. People are going corrupt, true, true.


    one thing. This is a horrible economy. we didnt "fall" during the depression.

    another: Look at russia, about 1992-200 things were terrible there with the economy and mafia etc, Russia hasent gone anywhere lol.'

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    Under the failed (and corrupt) policies of the Bush/Cheney reign of terror (to include infiltration by the home-schooled "Generation Joshua" brain-washed fanatics so prevalent in the White House under Bush's aegis)*, this nation came as close to destruction as I've seen in my 64 years of life.

    President Obama is the man we voters chose to fix the mess these domestic terrorists left behind---and he is amazingly competent and confident. I was a Hillary fan until late in the race, but had been blown away by a young Senator Obama, who was keynote speaker at the Democratic convention in 2004, so I paid attention during the campaign and began to realize this charismatic, brilliant, eloquent "mutt" of a man just might be Divinely Guided---someone God sent to heal all our nation's deep, deep wounds and restore us to prosperity and strength once more after the godlessness of the previous administration despite all their CINO (Christian-in-name-only) rants and rampages. If I am right on this, the beautiful irony is that all these extremist "Christians", with their hateful vitriol, are now assuming the role of IRONY! Yes, America is being pulled back from the brink of destruction. All the naysayers are wrong about this man we chose---he has greatness in him, and I am very proud to have helped get him elected. We were able to behead the Edenic asp that infitrated the GOP, so now all they have is bile spew they mistake for venom and soon they will writhe and wriggle their way into the oblivion of their own making awash in pus and puke for all the world to see.

    Source(s): *"Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism" by Michelle Goldberg (a MUST read---scary, well-researched book). "The Republican Noise Machine: Right-Wing Media and How It Corrupts Democracy" by ex-conservative insider David Brock.
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