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Are there any online chat lines for suicide prevention?

I'm depressed and wanting to talk to someone. I don't want to call a helpline. Are there any online chat for people in crisis?

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    Make an account and go to the CHAT button. Lots of people are in support rooms to talk. The best thing is that it isn't like a therapy kind of talk- it's real people who listen and share their stories and help you through it.

    It helped me through some really hard times.

    Hope I helped.

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    Yes... he is very good and so is his team. I listen to him every sunday. I hope you don't do anything to yourself depression in most people is just a Phase. Troubles pass...failure passes...breakup's fade...deaths stop hurting ....unless you kill yourself...try to get happy. ^_^

    watch the videos and talk to some one....remember things are not as bad as they may seem and there is always hope to get better.

    talk to family and friends.

    and of course if you want to just talk to someone I am here IM me ...I am a good person to talk to. I can help when ever you feel you need it. I'm not sure you are wanting to comit suicide or just need some one to vent to but I will tell you I have been threw it all. I was abused ,my dad was a drug addict for most of my childhood, I had no friends and no money, and I was raped when I was around 4 by some boy that I will never know...I have over come it all and am a happy normal person. I love, I laugh, I play sports, and I have many friends. I am going to college and I am learning chinese among other languages and studies. ^_^ I know I would have good direction for you...but don't come to me or anyone else first go to they are trained and can offer you so much more then anyone here. You need support lines too though and that is what I and the other people who left you their emails are for.....Smile more and think less do what if good for you not what is easiest.

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    Look, suicide is for people who feel that there is no way out. Do you feel that way, or do you just feel down cause you broke up with your boyfriend or something? I mean, this is a serious question...

    Take it easy, a few breaths will calm you down. Go maje yourself tea.

    I've thought about suicide...but im kind of scared to do it cause i believe in god and don't want ot spend eternity in hell..NOT TRYING OT SCARE you...

    Just seriously, whatever trouble you are in, it will pass. Debts, break up, mior crime or whatever....GUILT....

    In the case of guilt, just come out with it.

    Remember, every life is precious. I know this doesn't answer you question, but please, if you still don't care abou tyour life, than think about the people who love you. You will find love in the least expeted places if you think that nobody loves you...everybody is loved and needs ot love..

    Pah, im rambling, sorry...

    Just consider this

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    There are a few websites if you google it. But remember whatever depressed you will pass away with time. And if you commit suicide, then you will be solving your temporary problem with a permanent answer. So don't do it.

    If you need help just send me an email or IM Chat. I will be here to help :]

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    Try It might be only for customers ( of their products) though. You can talk to me if you want. I've got depression too. click on my user name if you wanna IM or e-mail

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    sorry there is not real chat line for that because people tend to think that people just want a pitty party and will nit pick the best thing to do it contact your local mental health and just ask them for there 24hr crises line number they all got them. its for people that just really need someone to talk to.

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    sure there are chat rooms and call lines, not sure what the url or number is but im sure you can google it!

    Hope everything is okay!

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    Totally free and anonymous

    Peer-to-Peer (i.e., it is not monitored by doctors or authorities of any kind)

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    Not that i know of. But, you could call a old freind or a best 1.

    If not go to a doctor and tell them how u fell.

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    yes you can IM me all night. i may be a stranger but im willing to stay up all night for you. this isnt a joke. IM my yahoo IM qwertykidd ill help you. please trust me. IM me in 15 minutes ill be waiting.

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