How do you say these words in Italian?

---Im going to Italy in a week and have like no time to learn the language. I just asked a question like this so ya---. words are....Museum, excuse me (informal), I want to go, bathroom, table, booth, food, breakfast, lunch, dinner, come on, really, ok, fine.

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    Jeff's are correct. I just wanted to add some pronunciation and a few alternate phrases:

    Museo (moo-ZAY-oh) = museum

    Scusa (SKOO-zah) = 'scuse me

    Voglio andare (a) (VOL-yoh ahn-DAH-reh (ah)) = I want to go (to)

    Bagno (BAHN-yoh) = bathroom

    Tavolo (TAH-voh-loh) = table

    Cabina (kah-BEE-nah) = booth

    Cibo (CHEE-boh) = food

    Colazione (koh-lahts-YOH-neh) = breakfast

    Pranzo (PRAHN-tso) = lunch

    Cena (CHEH-nah) = dinner

    Dai (like English "die") = Come on (lLike "Oh, c'mon - seriously?")

    Vieni (vee-EH-nee) = Come on (Like "Hurry up!")

    Veramente (veh-rah-MEN-teh) = Really (both as in "Really spicy," or "Really?!")

    Davvero (dah-VEH-roh) = Really (as in "No way, really!?")

    Okay = Okay (Yes, almost everyone has adopted this word)

    D'accordo (dah-KOR-doh) = Okay (literally means "agreed")

    Va bene (vah BEH-neh) = Okay (literally means "goes well," used like "That's fine with me," or "Is that okay with you?")

    Bene (BEH-neh) = fine (like "It's fine")

    Okay / D'accordo = fine (like "Alrighty, agreed")

    Divertiti in Italia (dee-VEHR-tee-tee een ee-TAH-lyah, "Have fun in Italy")!

    Source(s): Bachelor's degree in Italian.
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    Museum- museo

    Excuse me (informal)- scusa

    I want to go- voglio andare

    Bathroom- bagno

    Table- tavolo

    Booth- in a restaurant? séparé (yes French word in la lingua)

    Food- cibo

    Breakfast- prima colazione

    Lunch- pranzo

    Dinner- cena

    Come on- ma va

    Really- davvero?

    Ok- ok

    Fine- Vabbene

    Source(s): Knowledge of Italian
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