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My fiance has a court order to get his child for 90 days so since the child goes to school this means?

The summer right?? Well not in the mothers eyes she said she'll decide when the 90 days are. We were supposed to make the 10 hour trip to get her, if we go and she refuses to hand over the child is there anything he can do??


She doesn't even let the child call him or if he wants to call the school for info on how the child is doing he isn't on the list of ppl so the teachers can call or contact

Update 2:

Akhi-- He isn't forced to pay child support he was taking care of her even before he was handed the child support papers so don't speak on something i didn't' ask for

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    Ask the original ruling judge for clarification of his order and ask him if the mom has the right to determine which 90 days he gets. Doubtful that any judge is going to allow a mom to do that and should have made his order clearer, but it never hurts to get a more specific ruling.

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    Unfortunately if it is not stated when the 90 days are to begin and end, then you need to go before the judge and have him clarify the statement. My husband and his ex-wife are currently going through the same situation. No, she does not have to give you the child, and no there would be no ramifications to her if she does not. The judge's final order should have been clarified when it was ordered - you had 30 days to request this from the time it was ordered. Now you have to reopen the case and have it stipulated when your 90 days begins and ends.

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    umm yeah theres something he can do. the judge gave a court order. he didn't say for her to think about it and if she wants then go ahead. its final. if she doesn't follow through, your fiance can take legal action against her and she may be charged with a crime. i would check the documentation and make sure there isn't a specific date or a window. if it is left up to both parties to decide, he needs to seek legal counseling on how to make sure she follows through with her word.

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    I thought courts only enforced father paying child support but not mothers allowing fathers to see the kids they are forced to pay for

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    Krystal hit the nail on the head.

    Edit: LOL so did many others- her answer was the only one I saw initially when I went to answer this question. ^_^

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    i would go down and let her know that he has the right i mean thatishis kid too i would tell him to put his foot down and let het know what he is going to do

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    call your lawyer tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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