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megavideo not working? 26th of june 2009?

i've tried to reach megavideo today but every time i try it appears the link is broken and comes up with a page load error, does anyone know what is going on?


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    The site is down because they provided invalid or incorrect whois information when they registered their domain so their domain registrar disabled it.

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    Posted by TV Port on Friday, June 26, 2009 Under: Other

    You may have noticed that a lot of the videos on the site are not working and this is because the website they are hosted on ( appears to have been shut down, Upon further investigation I think that the problem has to do with their domain registrar.

    For all you techie folks in the know, their WHOIS information is would suggest that they have provided the wrong details regarding their site and the domain has subsequently been blocked.

    Domain Name: MEGAVIDEO.COM

    Registrar: DOTREGISTRAR, LLC.

    Whois Server:

    Referral URL:



    Status: clientDeleteProhibited

    Status: clientTransferProhibited

    Status: clientUpdateProhibited

    Updated Date: 25-jun-2009

    Creation Date: 13-nov-2000

    Expiration Date: 13-nov-2014

    I think this issue should be resolved soon though as they had a massive following which was growing all the time - surely they would'nt just "take the money and run" like a lot of people are suggesting? Either way will be switching to a different video host and all will resume as normal soon.

    visit for more info.

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    After some research it seems megavideo is temporarily unaivalable as the host site s done to some domain problems, mega upload is still available, if u are a premium user to megavideo this will enable you to download the file direct from mega upload not megavideo. Until its back on, nothing else rea;;y we can do. Not the best day to happen considering the immense nternet use.

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    I believe the best answer is the domain issue with Whois information, but larger than this is why only now? Because sites like Megavideo threaten alot of people with power in the movie industry, and this might be their only way to touch them, make their lives hell so to speak.

    Though is takes 72 hours for domain name servers to propagate (and sometimes sooner) this isn't a propagation issue I don't think, they just need to supply the correct info or dispute the allegations...

    Source(s): Personal experience as a web master, owner of a hosting company, and graphic designer.
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    Hey gang. As of 1:49 AM here in New England, Megavideo is up and running again.

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    I don't think the site's down. I have 3 PC's on a home network and CAN access Megavideo from one, but not the other 2!! Explain that. The PC's which can't access it are running different opsys (Windows and Linux) and different browsers. I have rebooted the modem/router.

    In any case the site is NOT down. Any ideas?

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    surf the channel is not loading any TV shows either which sucks, I always use the megavideo links, and have been trying for ages, I thought something was wrong with my computer until I came here and noticed you all having the same problem!

    I'm gonna try that site that someone suggested

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    Hi I'm from Mauritius and been having the same problem: Megavideo's not working :'( I just hope it goes bacl online sooooooooooonnn!!! Anyway if it's because of the domain issue, why is it only now that they are noticing it?

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    Some of my friends are saying they can access now. But it is still unavailable for me though. And if it is due to the domain problem then new domain propagation takes some time.

    And as far as I know propagation depends on the ISP. So after the site is propagated not everyone will have access to the site at once. Some may have access immediately and some may have that later.

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    I've tried that too and it has not been working. Either Megavideo is experiencing trouble or it has been shut down.

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