Can you install windows 7 without formatting Hard Drive?

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I am currently using Windows xp 32 bit and I was wanting to put Windows 7 32 bit on my computer can I just install Windows 7 without formatting my Hard Drive if so how?
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  • Yeti answered 5 years ago
It doesn't technically need to format the drive, but it will entirely write over your XP installation unless you do it as a dual boot.

If you don't mind writing over XP, just run the installation as usual.

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  • Karz answered 5 years ago
    If you have two partitions on your hard drive and you have more than 10GB remaining space on the partition that has no Windows OS, better install Win 7 there. You will have dual boot capability. At boot up, you have a choice whether to load Win XP or Win 7. All your personal files could be accessed by either software.
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