how to make a non-profit organization?

hi my name is Alexis I really want to start a non-profit organization for kid and teens that have brian caner because i lost a friend to brain caner and she struggle and also her family didnt have much money at all and i wouldnt want anyone to struggle like that please help me start up a orgenization for brian caner helping me start a website or somthing.

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    First Things First!

    Step 1Realize that things won't happen overnight. You will have to research the agencies in your state to find out which ones handle the necessary paperwork you will need to file.

    Step 2Contact the Secretary of State's office to find out the procedures for incorporation. Ask if they have materials which can be sent to you, or if these are on their website.

    Step 3Network with others who may have knowledge about how to proceed. Also contact the Internal Revenue Service to request nonprofit tax status documents. (you must file locally before you file federally)

    Step 4Consider your vision and scope as you work through the process. Make sure to also find out how to start a bank account to deposit your startup money.

    How to Find Directors for a Nonprofit

    The board of directors is the core of a nonprofit organization. They set all the guidelines and policies for running the organization. If the nonprofit organization has hired paid employees, then the directors will train and oversee the staff,. Most nonprofits do not offer much more than a stipend for the board members who are mainly volunteers.

    Look for people who are passionate about your cause and may have a vested interest in your success. For example, if you are starting a nonprofit to help blind people, find a blind person and someone who has a blind family member.

    Step 2Diversify your board with people who bring different skills to the table, such as a public relations expert, an account, a lawyer and a grant writer. An active board can perform many of the duties you need.

    Step 3Ask friends, community leaders and other nonprofit executives for advice on who would make a good board member and what steps you should take to find them. You may get some volunteers through this process and you will definitely get the word out about your organization, as well as gather more information that will be useful in your board search.

    Step 4Choose the first six board members yourself and then ask those six people to recruit the rest of the directors. It will help you avoid stacking the board with people who already agree with everything you want to do. You need people who may disagree and bring varied points of view to the board.

    Step 5Offer incentives to prospective board members, such as high visibility in the community and a chance to network with other board members

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