Is taco bell discriminating?

On march 24 , the company fired dozens of workers on charges of immigration status. however, neither the workers nor the wrc has receive any evidence or documentation of to justify the dismissal of workers because of their immigration status when the majority has worked more than 7 years some even 13 years.

The dismissal came with a high degree of planning , two weeks before the company hire dozens of new workers to replace them,and former workers were instructed to coach the new hires before been fired. actions only demonstrate that the company planned this with time in advance, while according to testymony from workers , they did not even have the opportunity to explain their case,not a single warning until the day of dismissal.

workers demand justice"after 10 years of giving our lives to Taco Bell, we are fired,without respect or gratitude, it is not just" a worker said in a interview to la comunidad news.Another reason of outrage from workers was that the new workers are paid higher than many of those who are working for many years.

workers complain that the company discriminated against them,for example, the company forbade employees to speak Spanish in the stores.

They also report to be treated differently for being Latinos including being assigned to most difficult tasks, lack of training and lower wages.

With the assistance of the workers right center 21 of the workers have started legal action including a claim for discrimination under the Federal Equal Employment Opportunities commission.

The Company has not commented publicly on the matther. Taco Bell is own by Yum! Brands, inc. which also owns pizza hut ,KFC,jong Long Silvers,and A&W. reports from Chicago reported a similar practice has happened in some Pizza Hut stores.


This happened in Madison, Wisconsin.

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    The Taco Bell guys have to use half of the burrito to get across the water because the Russians bombed Canadians at Pearl Harbor during WWI.

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    Umm, I take it that the people fired were illegal immigrates. Correct me if I'm wrong. However who would keep illegal immigrates working at all? Whoever was in charge of this did a good job. Its kind of funny to think these people lied their way into our country, found a job (the crappiest and lowest paid job there is), trained their replacements, and got their asses fired. They should have seen it coming! Next we are in America. The main language is English. Speak some ******* english if your gonna be here.

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    Taco Bell Sucks

    And I hate Tacos and Mexican food

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    Taco Bell is disgusting.

    So I really don't care.

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    taco or a sandwich our country sucks!!!!!!!

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