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If the magic get carter, move over cavs, orlando wins the east!!!?

what do you think?

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    If Hedo leaves, Vince takes his touches and since he's a much better player you can expect even better results. If Hedo returns he would be more efficient then he was last season especially in the Playoffs. We saw Ariza give him fits. Now Carter would draw the other teams best defensive wing player leaving Hedo to work against a second or 3rd class defender. Vince has never had an Ego. Remember he just a few seasons ago Jason Kidd, Vince and Richard Jefferson played on the same team and took the Nets out of the first round twice. Also Krstic averaged double figures on those teams and if there was any knock on Vince its that at times on that team he was too unselfish and let RJ do some things that he could not do. San Antonio took R.J. as a second option if they could not get Carter. Do you think Popavich would have put that much stock in a selfish guy with a huge ego?

    This is the move the Cav's should have made because they have a very undersized point guard with limited offensive ability starting for them at the 2 spot. In Vince they could have had a 20+/5/5 a game guy who has the ability to put those number up for 3 to 4 more years! And he has been very healthy only 11 missed games over the last 4 season.

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    Bad bad move by Orlando. I'd rather have an up and coming Courtney Lee then a cancer like Vince Carter; not to mention Alston would be solid off the bench or as part of another deal.

    Adding this type of 'ego' to a team with that chemistry is not an idea I'm fond of. In fact I don't even think Orlando needs to make a major move at all -- to me it was more of an experience factor and Jameer Nelson's rust on why they didn't win it this year, that and the Lakers being better. They should focus more on keeping Gortat then signing a guy like Carter, who needs the ball to play his game; otherwise he comes a lazy dog with no defensive capabilities whatsoever.

    The only good I see in this is for the dunk nerds; you'd now have two premiere dunkers on the same squad in the NBA.

    Also if I were them, I'd look at obtaining a Power Forward, so they could move Rashard Lewis to the position he's better suited at playing -- that being the Small Forward. He had obvious problems versus bigger Power Forwards when he played against them -- Gasol for one.

    All in all; this isn't the right move, no matter what scoring Vince Carter can give you -- they don't need scoring to begin with as they're a pretty offensive efficient team. If they needed to make a legit move, they should go after a Power Forward. Amare Stoudemire comes to mind. Thats a stretch; but at least it makes sense. This move makes NO SENSE.

    As for Magic fans not agreeing, I congratulate you all for being knowledgeable and knowing what your team does and what your team needs, and it's not Vince Carter or a guy like Vince Carter. He's been a career loser.

    Vince Carter Salary - Nets: $15.2M 2009 | $16.3M 2010 | $17.3M 2011 | $18.0M 2012 (T)

    Guess what that means if this doesn't work? The salary cap hole Orlando was already in, is even deeper. Thats A LOT of money for a guy who once said he "wasn't giving 100%" to his former team.

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    Not if Hedo doesn't get singed.

    If so, they have a very good line up and probably would win the east.

    But remember this, Carter is past his prime so the Magic need to also sing Hedo.

    But a lot more trades are happening so it's too early to predict.

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    I doubt Orlando will re-sign Hedo Turkoglu since they have traded for Vince Carter.

    With this move, they are still beast of the East. A healthy Jameer Nelson, next season, makes them a lot tougher. What a good counter for Cavs, with their Shaq trade.

    Now, let's see if Boston makes a move.

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    carter will give them a more reliable scorer and he is a great 3 point shooter now since that he is losing some athleticism and he can make the buzzer beaters,and he has some point guard play in him

    i think magic will be the east kings since lebron won't be able to run over people on his way to the basket when shaq is in the game so this would mean less fouls for howard and no more dragging the howard outside the paint since ilgauskas is coming off the bench

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    The Magic would win easy.

    I don't understand why the Magic fans consider this a bad trade for them.

    They need Carter to replace Turkulov. Hedo was a key to the Magic's sucsess because of his dribble penetration, to draw the defense. Carter's driving and passing skills are exeptionally better than Hedo's, and making it even easier to get the ball to Dwight Howard or an open shooter. Carter is a good passer! When Harris was out, he had to play the backup point for the Nets. He is just as efficient as Hedo from longrange also, It would make them better than the Cavs.

    Carter lost his ego around 2 years ago!!!!!!

    I watched all 82 Nets games, and Carter doesn't have an ego, this is coming from a Nets fan!!

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    its a smart move for the Magic, they need a game changer like Carter they lacked that against LA.

    And i don't think Shaq fixes all Cavs problems, their entire bench points put together was lower than Pietrus alone....

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    not so fast

    courtney lee is good

    but teh cavs with shaq will be the top team next year

    they will all want shots on the magic w all those big name guys

    so i dont think it will workout but the celtics worked out so you never know

    CAVS got the east on lock til da bulls get amare

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    All the magic are going to do by getting VC is replace hedo a guy who can create his shot and they will get rid of some of their depth along with it. Either way its going to be a battle

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    LOL vince carter is an old broken down piece of meat.

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