I would like to know how I could achieve weight gain fast ? Thanks?

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    1 decade ago
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    Hi, I would like to say if you want to achieve weight gain fast here is what you should do:

    1. Eat 3 times a day and Don't skip meals. You basically need to achieve a Higher Caloric intake than your body requirements. If your body requirements is 2500 cal a day simply eat foods for about 3000 cal and you get excess 500 cal. Do this everyday and in 1 week you will have added 1 pound to your body weight. Increase the caloric intake as much weight that you want.

    2. Also you need to do this in a consistent manner so that your body will adjust.

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    Check it out, Good luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Here's what works for me. 5-6 meals per day...not big meals, just enough to fill you up but not bloated. I take a protein shake in the morning for breakfast with a granola bar, have a tuna/turkey/PB & J sandwich around 10am, lunch is around 1 and I eat some fruit, some type of carbs like rice or pasta or potato with some veggies, right before I head to the gym I eat some peanuts/cashews/almonds and some fruit, after the workout I have another protein shake and then at dinner I eat some protein like fish/meat/chicken and some salad.

    Drink plenty of water and minimize your sugar intake because I'm assuming you want to maximize muscle weight not fat.

    Oh, my shakes are Whey protein with soy milk and a banana (in the morning I add a small amount of instant coffee for flavor and a pick me up)

    Good luck but always know your limits. The above works for me but everyone is different. And the most important thing is to stay consistent and patient. You don't get big after a few weeks or even months!

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  • kate
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    1 decade ago

    Be like Mikey ( Michael Phelps )

    Eat hearty meals and get into a dynamic sport activity .

    Nutrient input plus the activity = a good weight athlete .

    good luck


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