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Can you sell booze on GA state waters?

Me and a friend of mine were wondering if it would be legal to sell alcohol on state waters in Georgia. Is there even a law for that? I mean it's illegal to drink and boat like it is to drink and drive, but if restaurants and bars that you have to drive to can serve alcohol, could a boat not essentially do the same..? Opinions of anyone with any experience with wildlife law enforcement would be particularly valuable here.

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    Yes, but you have to get a liquor license like any restaurant or bar.

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    The law of open containers is applicable to water as well as land.

    A bar or a boat for that matter could get a license to serve drinks but; why, you cannot have an open container in the boat or car, so why would you buy from a boat vendor on the river, if you cannot drink and drive.

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    You'd need to look that up in the Georgia Official State Code which is online and at most Georgia libraries or contact the appropriate state agency. You can probably find it at

    I'm thinking reason tells me only with a license. If you're fishing and selling it to a couple of buddies, as in bought for, that's one thing, but to sell it as an open bar or for profit is another.

    If you go beyond the coastal limit, I think you can do whatever you want to do, but just wait till they get you back home.

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