Why do American liberals seem to have such contempt for white working class people?

The conservatives seem to concentrate their hate and contempt on minority people, particularly blacks, latinos and gays. Heck, having even a _wealthy_ black corporate lawyer in political office seems to unleash the inner Klan-member in some of them.

Oh, and don’t forget union workers - apparently as few as 9% of U.S. workers getting a decent wage and benefits has somehow "destroyed the country."

So why do the liberals, who are _supposed_ to be "different," have such SIMILAR nasty things to say about white working class people?

According to comments online by self-described "liberals," we’re all confederate-flag-waving, inbred idiots who are fair game for snobby remarks about "trailer trash" and NASCAR.

How, exactly, is living in a trailer all that different from living in a city slum?

Are there ANY mainstream political trends in the U.S. that don’t despise working people, black _or_ white?

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    1 decade ago
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    Because they're an easy target.

    You can't be accused of racism for targeting poor whites. there are plenty of cultural stereotypes out there already....they are an accepted figure of fun in American popular culture. Beginning with Archie Bunker, then Tim the Tool Man, Family Guy, The Simpsons....

    Probably this stems from the whole BS of the"Nothing succeeds like success" mentality promoted ad infinitum by the corporates and the advertising industry. If you don't have enough dosh to consume for the sake of consumption you are not only a figure of derision...but who gives a sweet fark if you're offended?

    I mean...it's not like they were anyone's ideal target market is it???

    What would happen if people on minimum wage were to gather together and boycott advertisers and corporations who make sport of them?? The poor ba$rards can't afford to buy groceries for the week let alone fly to the West coast for the weekend,, they don't drink Crystal champagne or dress their kids in Baby Gap.They're not booking holidays in The Hamptons or deciding which Broadway shows they might like to see this year.

    They're simply working their malnourished ar$es off in essential services like garbage collection and sewerage maintenance. they're only building the roads the rich drive their limos on, cleaning the floors in the luxury malls they buy their mistresses diamonds from, washing the windows in the Penthouses the superior ar$eholes use to look down upon them from.

    And I am sure they often take umbrage at the cheap jokes made at their expense. But taking a day...or even an hour off to stage a street protest about the issue would mean one less meal that week for their kids.

    So they are silent in the face of their subjugation...and so it goes on.

    Source(s): And I have been guilty of this myself on many occasions...and I am sorry Byte me...you're right. It's vile enough coming from the born to rule.....but from one of my background...it's inexcusable.
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    You've got it half-right. As a liberal white male, formerly working-class, I was astounded to encounter so much animosity from women, gays, minorities, and immigrants, all of whom I generally support. I had to question why I would back these groups who clearly want to take whatever it is they think I have, since I'm poor, powerless, and, as a non-Christian with long hair, subject to the same hostility from WASPs as they are. I thought, "Well, I can still get behind unions and the environmental movement," but they're often too fanatical as well. So I went back to college, and discovered that academia fits me best - only the women are openly contemptuous of me, and that goes back much farther than liberalism. The good part is that I can voice my opinion without fear of immediate dismissal or lynching, like in the rest of America. Okay, we've got the school shooters and the omnipresent castrating females, but if I wear a bullet-proof vest and a cup, I feel safer on campus than anywhere else.

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    It's not the working class part liberals dislike, it's the ignorant part.

    I despair when I see ignorant people, be they black, white, urban or rural.

    I think we focus on the white ignorant people simply because they seem to have a bunch of states and organizations screwing up the world. The ignorant whites are louder, more numerous and more violent.

    Check out the south. Check out the midwest. These regions seem to be wholly populated with poor, ignorant, Bible thumping right wingers determined to oppress women and minorities.

    Now, maybe these people don't predominate, but that is the image promoted by both the left and the right. Who both use this notion to give legitimacy to their respective views.

  • teagan
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    1 decade ago

    I do not agree that conservatives have hate and contempt for minority people to begin with- simply by looking at history negates that theory. Also Conservatives do not have a problem with the union workers - only with the UAW that is exploiting union workers and driving the costs of goods and services to a level that is strangling the industry's they represent and forcing those businesses to go down hill and under.

    I have not seen the liberals working to help those they claim they represent- just look at unemployment in the double digits in most states. Look at where they have spent the stimulus money they robbed us of- it sure isn't going to the poor (minority groups), yet is going to the UAW and those corporations that supported the Democratic vote. The health care bill as it looks is not going to help the poor either- that just takes simple math to determine. Millions will still not have health care and guess who those people will be... Cap & Trade will raise taxes on all of us- whatever happened to 95% if Americans will not see tax increases, they are going to tax the middle classes health benefits. Con job!!!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I am a person of color and a liberal

    Nearly all of my friends are white working class people.

    To say that I hate them is obviously a ridiculous statement

    I just hate the people who hate.

  • 1 decade ago

    Funny. Because I am a White, working class man, and of course liberal. A proud Union member, like real men, and if my company stole my union from under my feet, I'd fight for it back, because I have balls. I certainly wouldn't be the straw boss Cons are, trying to make their fellow workers poorer, and fighting for the big bosses at every turn.

    Source(s): diligence
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    1 decade ago

    Republicans are the ones who attacked and destroyed American Unions (and still are trying), that's what really hurt the working man in this country.

    No benefits, no paid vacation, no health insurance, no pensions - it's all gone because of Republicans since Reagan!

    Source(s): And the VAST majority of people hurt by that are white working class Americans.
  • 1 decade ago

    We just finished an election in which we had a choice between two candidates who ran as populists.

  • 1 decade ago

    I strongly support the working class and unions. I don't however support racism, bigotry, or hate. If those ideals come from someone of the working class so be it.

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    1 decade ago

    Are you KIDDING?

    We ARE white working class people.

    We are also a lot of other demographics too.

    We accept OTHER KINDS OF PEOPLE in our party.

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