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Is nepal a very poor country?Why are they so poor?

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    Nepal has been a poor country because of the following reasons:

    1) Nepal is a mountainous country and they have very little arable land where crops can grow - so they need to import a lot of their food from India.

    2) Nepal has been ruled by a monarchy for centuries, and the royal family got all taxes and tributes from the common people, thus excising from them their earnings.

    3) Nepal has very under-utilized mineral resources. The current government does not have the capability to develop these resources.

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  • Anonymous
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    They live on the foot of Himalaya (Mount Everest). Not much crop could be cultivated there.Very cold kambing pun susah mau hidup.

  • kimht
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    now is the market for oil

    future when water is a marketable resource than they have plenty of ice

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