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Did you know this about spiders?

I never kill a spider. Did u know that research has proven that spiders all have different facial features?. And that they each show expressions?. Through research, spiders have a personality. I had a spider in my room and this spider would come out to me and walk all over my keyboard. Spider was so trusting of me. What do u think?

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    yeah, spiders have expressions but the things is just we people don't understand what are they trying to express, some spiders don't afraid of us, they are friendly and climb into our hand like the Jumping Spiders, most jumping spider are afraid of us, they will jump and escape when we stay close to them..

    however what i've noticed about jumping spiders is, they have very good vision, when you see one of these, try to look directly at their eyes, for the 1st time, don't panic , i've tried before: when i kept looking at a jumping spider, it looks back eye to eye with me, they're just somewhat like human, not like most insects which doesn't looking at us like that, and actually spiders have expressions i know, but we just couldn't understand what they're expressing, also be like the Praying Mantis :)

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    Sorry but this doesn't make sense.

    Spiders don't have facial muscles, their "face" is a hard exoskeleton, and they are anti-social animals (with a few exceptions). I can believe that they have different facial features in the sense that certain species' color pattern varies and is unique, which I wouldn't be too surprised to learn. I guess it counts as showing expression when they raise their front legs and reveal their fangs to ward of potential attackers.

    About spiders having a personality, that's hard to define since a personality is hard to define. Spiders' behavior is modified by life events, just like any other animal. It also varies on hormonal levels and varies from species to species. However, the spider on your keyboard probably isn't fully aware of you and who or what you are, considering your much much larger than it.

    This is my understanding. Could you cite this research you are refering to?

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    A male southern house spider on the wall I gave a name, Stanley.

    later that night while answering a question much like this,

    Stanley crawled down my arm, onto my keyboard. I got a good

    photo of him and put him on a wall the other side of my room.

    2 days later, he shows up on my desk again. put him on a different wall.

    next evening, he's crawling across the floor, coming straight toward

    me. put him on a bookcase. was I this guys only friend in the world.

    I just thought it strange that he kept showing up near or on me.

    Wolfie, never showed much emotion, but made for a good avatar.

    Spiders may have individuality, but personality????

  • I'm with Todd on this. You are so massive compared to a spider that it most likely doesn't even know you're alive. You're just a feature of the environment to it, so it isn't going to run from you unless you do something to threaten it.

    And Bugman, spiders aren't insects, they're arachnids.

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    Well, yeah, I guess the spider in Charlotte's Web was cool in fact the only cool spider I've ever heard of, but I don't think all of them are quite that intelligent....In my part of the country we have brown recluse spiders. They can MESS YOU UP if they bite you!!!! I just kill them all and let God sort 'em out....

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    Spiders are the best.

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