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haley asked in Science & MathematicsBiology · 1 decade ago

what is the sodium chloride concentration of potatoes?

im doing a biology assignment (an extended response) and did the effects of osmosis on potato slices. my isotonic solution is a 0.5% concentration sodium chloride solution. but during the experiment the potato slices had changes in the weight (thus meaning that potato has a different concentration)

please any information would be greatly appreciated

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    If the potato has decreased in mass, then the H2O concentration inside the potato has gone outside into the NaCl concentration. The more the mass of the potato decreases, this means that more H2O has left the potato and that the concentration of the NaCl in the NaCl concentration is bigger.

    But, if the potato has increased in mass, the the H2O concentration inside the potato was less than the concentration of H2O in the outside liquid concentration. The H2O concentration from outside had gone inside the potato.

    REMEMBER for you paper - H2O molecules are small enough to move through the cell membranes of the potato. NaCl molecules are too big to move through the cell membranes.

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