Is Break Dancing a Sport?

Okay my friend and I have been wondering this for a while, is break dancing a sport because we believe that it should because it requires physical motion and a lot of it. You can hurt yourself at anytime doing it. You do it for a long certain of time. So is it a sport or not. Please and Thank you!

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    Not yet, but check out this:

    "I actually had a chance to meet and speak with the American president of international relations for the International Olympics Committee (IOC) and I had the opportunity to ask him what are the criteria for a sport to be accepted into the Olympics. I also asked him what makes an activity considered a sport. The latter question appeared to be a more difficult one as even the contest of hot-dog eating is registered as an official sport in the United States with its own association. Most people also know that figure skating is more than just an official sport, and some may not know that even ballroom dancing is also an official Olympic sport.

    As for the first question, the criteria for an activity to be considered an Olympic sport are:

    1. People know of it widely and are doing it around the world

    2. It has at least 70 registered Associations (representing an area/region or country) around the world

    3. It has registered an official International Organization for the activity

    4. No drugs are used in the activity.

    So although people might say things are getting watered down, from one perspective this may be true, however I think the fact is that simply many more people are doing it which means that the percentage of truly talented bboys in the scene becomes smaller and smaller. However this also means it is more able to form associations, be recognized publicly as a legitimate practice, allowing for more support from government bodies as well as it being standardized, thus raising; the level of challenge, people's ability to understand it and judges' ability to judge it.

    I think that if it could be standardized without compromising its artistic integrity, it could be done properly. If this becomes a reality, though there may still be dispute as to who is better than who, who should have won and who deserves to be more famous, maybe it will also allow for an environment for people to be able to further improve themselves rather than be too concerned over what other people think or how they are different than others since everything would be set officially."

    -Bboy Sharif,, 05-17-2009, 10:11 AM

    Hope this helps!


    Source(s): -Bboy Sharif,, 05-17-2009, 10:11 AM
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  • 1 decade ago

    definitely, its a form of dance, but a lot cooler than traditional styles in my opinion, and dancing IS a sport!!

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  • 4 years ago

    Want to see the answer to this too

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