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FOR GIRLS: hot guys, sexy guys, ugly guys, cute guys what are the differences?

hot guys, sexy guys, ugly guys, cute guys what are the differences?

the best answer will need photos pros and cons of each:)

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    i dont have photos but here is my guys are those guys who you just look at and are instantly turned on because they are just that sexy......jensen ackles from supernatural is that sexy guy for me lol......ugly guys are the guys you look at and instantly say ew, whether it be because they are physically ugly or just ugly inside.....and cute guys are the ones in between sexy and ugly...although they def arent ugly, they are just..hmmm...sensitive looking and sweet looking and seem so innocent that ya dont consider them sexy cuz sexy is kinda naughty lol Oh and hott guys....not much difference between sexy and hott i dont think except some guy can be hott and still not sexy because of his attitude or demeanor......Well, maybe I'm way off but that is my take on this question :)

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    1) They can be intimidated by a really attractive girl. 2) Guys look at more than just looks. I like a girl that likes to laugh, is compassionate/kind, and can really be a friend as much the sexy lady whose clothes I want to rip off. That cute girl might have a really cute personality as well. Work on yourself, be the most awesome version of yourself in all aspects and you'll find great quality guys swooning towards you.

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    Nick Jonas is sexy. Luke Hemmings is hot. Brad Simpson is cute. John Heder is ugly. These are all examples. It's kind of hard to explain.

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    Everyone has their own views of what "hot, sexy, ugly" whatever are. Your friend may say OMG he is hot and you could be over there going ew... We all like diffrent things.

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    ugly guys

  • Anonymous
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    no difference what-so-ever, some girls are just little bitches who rely strictly on looks, people should think more like will this bloke be nice to me, will he treat me well, not oh whats better eye-candy atm...

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    Get yoself a liiifee

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    there is no difference between them the difference is in they hearts! and no more! the appearance is not as important as u think!

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    I don't put them into categories. I except people for who they are.

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    I agree with the first answer. Go jiz in your pants.

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