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    In accordance to the airline's reply, bank transfer will be effective once the ticket is confirmed. In addition, you have used it, thus the payment is nonrefundable. For your question about the air fare, the airport staff may not know the details of each travel agent, it may variate from 17XX-2XXX.

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    The reply from the airline company is the account would be debited once the airline ticket is issued. And furthermore, there is no way to refund you the money since it is being used. Regarding the quotation of the airline staffs, they do not know the exact retail price of every travel agent – which varies from 17XXX-2XXX.

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    The airline replies, ticket a pay will immediately lead a number, plus have already used a distance.So there is no way.

    It quotes a problem at employee in the airport.In fact they don't know each travel agency

    The accurate sale price is done not wait for by the 17 Xxxes XXs-2ses.

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    Reply airlines, air tickets will be a few real-time, and have spent way to go. So there is no way.

    Quote of the issue of staff at the airport. In fact, they do not know every travel agent

    Accurate sales prices ranging from 17XX-2XXX.

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