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    Credit Card Fraud: Prevention and Cures

    All credit card users are potential victims of credit card fraud. A thief does not have to steal your credit card or rifle through your trash to get account numbers. Any time you use your credit card you are making your account number available to everyone who is involved in the transaction, from the sales clerk to the billing staff of the creditor.

    If Your Card Is Stolen

    If your credit card or account numbers are stolen call the card issuer immediately. Some companies have a toll free phone number printed on their billing statements to use when reporting a stolen card. After you have reported your card missing to the card issuer follow up your call with a letter. Be sure to keep a copy of the letter you send for your records. The call and the letter should include:

    Your name;

    Your account number;

    The date you noticed your card missing; and

    The date you phoned the creditor to report your credit card missing.

    If you report your credit card missing before it is used without authorization, you may not be responsible for any of the unauthorized charges. Pursuant to federal law, if your credit card is used without authorization before you report it missing, the most you will be liable to pay is fifty dollars.

    If You Suspect Fraud

    If you suspect someone has illegally used your account number you must contact the card issuer no later than 60 days after the first bill on which the charge appeared is sent. Follow a telephone call to the issuer with a letter. Be sure to retain a copy of the letter for your files.

    Include the following information in your call and letter:

    Your name;

    Your account number;

    The dollar amount of the suspect charge;

    A description of the charge; and

    An explanation of why you believe there is an error.



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    Credit card fraud is a wide-ranging term for theft and fraud committed using a credit card or any similar payment mechanism as a fraudulent source of funds in a transaction.

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    The purpose may be to obtain goods without paying, or to obtain unauthorized funds from an account.

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    there is a fraud on my credit card.

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    unauthorized 是沒有被授權。可是要是盜刷者模仿簽名,取得




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    用 unauthorized 的不夠精確在哪裡呢。比方說,銀行業者如果

    說,Yes, we passed the unauthorized purchase at 15:00 yesterday

    afternoon. 那麼既然是 unauthorized purchase ,你銀行怎可 pass


    ,它是一筆 authorized purchase,所以我們 pass 了。但是我們不


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    英文裡面 brush 的那種刷是刷油漆,刷牙那種用刷子的刷

    並不能用在這種地方!如果是要在信用卡上的那種刷應該是 swipe,例如 someone swiped my credit card,就是「有人刷了我的信用卡」。

    第一位寫 I brush a stolen credit card,不管 brush 這個字的話,還是說「我刷了偷來的信用卡」,那跟原來的完全不一樣咧,現在犯人還變成自己了。

    第二位寫 My credit card is robbed brushes,如果把 is 拿掉的話就變成「我的信用卡偷了刷子」咧

    第三位的可以用,unauthorized purchases on my credit card 意思是說「我的信用卡有沒被授權的買賣」,所以就跟被盜刷的意思差不多啦~

    直接說 someone stole my credit card 就可以了。還有請問是你的卡被盜刷然後刷到 skype 那邊嗎?還是怎麼樣?有整句比較好教應該要怎麼講喔~

    如果是有人用了你的卡盜刷在 skype 上,可以說 someone stole my card and made unauthorized purchases on skype 這樣囉。

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    I brush a stolen credit card

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    "unauthorized purchases on my credit card"

  • My credit card is robbed brushes=我的信用卡被盜刷了

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    I brush a stolen credit card

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