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請問mapping, marker & PCR 的關係是甚麼

請問mapping, marker & PCR 的關係是甚麼?

請問mapping, marker & PCR 的關係是甚麼?

請問mapping, marker & PCR 的關係是甚麼?

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    這類應用有很多, 先舉 2 種來說明, 如果有問題我再補充!!


    1. Microsatellite marker

    Microsatellites, are polymorphic loci present in nuclear and organellar DNA that consist of repeating units of 1-6 base pairs in length.

    CA nucleotide repeats are very frequent in human and other genomes, and are present every few thousand base pairs. As there are often many alleles present at a microsatellite locus, genotypes within pedigrees are often fully informative, in that the progenitor of a particular allele can often be identified. In this way, microsatellites are ideal for determining paternity, population genetic studies and recombination mapping. It is also the only molecular marker to provide clues about which alleles are more closely related.

    The size of the repeat unit, the number of repeats and the presence of variant repeats are all factors, as well as the frequency of transcription in the area of the DNA repeat. Interruption of microsatellites, perhaps due to mutation, can result in reduced polymorphism. However, this same mechanism can occasionally lead to incorrect amplification of microsatellites; if slippage occurs early on during PCR, microsatellites of incorrect lengths can be amplified.

    2. QTL marker

    控制數量性狀的基因稱為數量性狀基因座(quantitative trait loci; QTL)。由於生物的許多重要性狀皆為數量性狀,故如果能夠了解控制這些QTL,進而操控之,自然能夠改良及增加這些性狀的質與量,造福人類。


    近幾年來,由於分子生物技術的快速發展,任何物種的染色體經PCR 處理後可以產生大量的分子遺傳標識(molecular genetic marker)。這些分子遺傳標識的出現就如同染色體可被標上記號 (Mapping) 一般,提供人類進一步去了解有關QTL的精確訊息的基礎。利用分子遺傳標識資料來估計QTL的數目、在染色體上的位置、作用的大小及一些相關的遺傳性質的研究,泛稱QTL mapping(數量性狀基因座定位)。


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