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1.請問不良品要寄到越南廠嗎? 請幫忙提供地址與收件人資料。

2.上一張採購單我們是3月份下的,但是四月份收到貨時,製造datecode是1/12,保存期限是到7/12,請問如果超過7/12未打SMT,我們需要做怎麼樣的動作? 例如:烘烤PCB,或是其他? 如果是烘烤,可以提供烘烤條件嗎?

3.請問此規格出給SONY跟我們家的Gerber File與材質,是否都相同? 另外除了SONY跟我們以外,是否有其他客戶也是購買此規格? 請幫忙確認。


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    1. Does the defective parts need to send back to factory in VN? Please provide name and address (and addiction information) of the receiver.

    2. The previous order we placed in March, when we received the products in April. The manufacture date (date code) on the products is 1/12. Expire date is 7/12. (my question is) after 7/12 if we still not use it on SMT. What do we need to do? For example: bake the PCB, or any other way? If we need to bake (PCB), What kind of procedures ( or condictions) do we need to follow?

    3. Does this specificaton for Sony the same as our (Gerber file and materials)? Other than Sony and ourself, Are there any other customers also purchased this specification? Please help us to find out.

    4. If the retention period is 6 months. What conditions do we need to store them?

    **According to the Boston university professor sayings

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    1. Should we send back the defected parts to Vietnam factory? Please help to provide the information about the address and the addressee.

    2. The last purchasing order was given by us at March, but while we received the goods at April, the manufactured date-code is 1/12 and the expire date is 7/12. If we do not mount the SMT by 7/12, what kind of action should we do? For example: baking the PCB or other else? Could you provide the baking condition if you suggest backing?

    3. Is the material and specification to SONY is the same as our Gerber File? In addition to SONY and our company, is there another customer to purchase the same specification? Please help to verify.

    4. What kind of packaging condition and storing environment is to make the preservation period to six month?

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