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Ben Gordon or Jason Richardson?

This is a serious question. If Ben Gordon leaves, would Jason Richardson be an equal or superior replacement for the Bulls if they could get him? I don't know enough about Ben Gordon, not being from Chicago. All I know is that Gordon is a shooter, is short for his position, and is a free agent.

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    Jason Richardson is better, but he wouldn't fit with Rose and his Bulls. He likes to drive pretty much every time he scores, unlike Gordon who will take a 3, pump fake, pass, drive, and do various things. Richardson wouldn't be a good fit because he can shoot, he can drive, but he doesn't have the overall versatility of Ben Gordon.

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    Ben Gordon his an amazing shooter. Throughout his career he's averaged about 18 a game and 3 assist. He has mid and long range ability.

    Jason Richardson has averaged about 18.5 a game. He also has mid and long range ability. The difference between him and Gordon is that Richardson is better taking it in. He also has better sunking ability.

    Overal i'd say if Jason Richardson went to the bulls he'd be a little bit superior to gordon.

    Young Philly Boi swishes another three

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    Why do they need to look for a replacement? Hinrich would be reinserted into the starting lineup as a SG and he is twice the overall player Ben Gordon could ever be. Not to mention the acquisition of John Salmons late this season gives the Bulls a Ben Gordon type scorer in that he can put up 20+ PPG, like Gordon did, but only much more consistent field goal % wise as well as doing it in less shots.

    Ben Gordon was solely a scorer and an inconsistent one at that he is a volume shooter and depends on rhythm if it's off his whole game is off being he can not do much. Hinrich people forget before his injury plagued season was putting up 16+ PPG and 6+ APG (D.Rose rookie numbers) all while shooting great from the field and playing great defense leading the Bulls to 3 straight playoff appearances.

    That injury plagued season of his brought in D.Rose and D.Rose being brought in brought forth Kirk's demotion to the bench. However, with Gordon let go Hinrich could be given the chance to reinvent his game and the Bulls can be a deeper team for it.






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    Right now, Jason Richardson is playing the best of all three. However, in a few years, I think Gordon will be a better player than the other two.

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    They would probably be pretty equivalent at the moment, but gordon is still improving at a reasonable rate whereas richardson is still well past his prime and is continueing to decline.

    Gordon's athleticism is still there and he has an excellent jumpshot that spaces their offense. He is capable of creating his own shot and has excellent offensive abilties as well as extremely good clutch instincts and ability that make him very valuable for a young team in crunch time.

    Richardson is a decent perimeter shooter, no where near gordons prowess, and is larger and more athletic. He does not have the same polished scoring game, is not as effective a scorer, is about as expensive, and is declining in skill and ability. His only use is really on the break as he has difficulty making efficient offense in the halfcourt.

    They would make reasonable replacements, but if the bulls were willing to pay the kind of money richardson demans, they might as well just resign gordon for extra money, despite his limited one sided but very effective offensive game, he is essential to a young team that showed that they had alot of potential in the playoffs and really only need a good post big man who can take regular half court touches, and solidify the inconsistant half court offense of a young team to become contenders.

    Richardson is also most likely staying with the suns. THey have a shortage of talent and players that play well for their system and way too many inflated salaries. However richardson fits in well with their break and i believe he will take a little less money to stay.

    But richardson would be a definate downgrade, and it will really hurt an up and coming bulls team if he is not paid extra to stay. Its not about hsi value but hsi value to the team as a competitor.

    It would be a real shame that a team with this much, some could say excess of talent to lost gordon, when they could easily overpay a little and keep him, and use some of theri excesses to trade for one of the quality big men being dumped in this market, solidifying their frontcourt and giving them a consistant halfcourt scorer to play the pick and roll with rose and help him mature while providing reliable offense outside of the break, which is what this team needs.

    No, richardson is a definate downgrade, as his shooting is not nearly equivalent, his athleticism is slowly disappearing, and he can only get worse.

    the bulls really need to keep bg and they are only one big move away from being in the conversation in the east, although it may take a few more years of rose development to really contend.

    hope i helped

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    Their different. Gordon shoots the 3 and Richardson is aggressive.

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    ben gordon

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    ben gordon

  • Dwyane Wade

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