Is vet school harder than college?

As in, is it more difficult than undergrad classes and, if so, in what way? (Is the material really hard or is it the sheer amount of it?)

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    It is both. The material is much more difficult and there is tons of information and you are taking a lot more hours then you do in undergrad.

    You will be taking very high level science courses and that's pretty much it. You won't be padding your schedule with social science classes and fun electives like you might have done in undergrad. You'll be taking around 20 hours each semester if not more (I have 22 next semester). No mor easy 12 hour semesters. So, you have more classes and there will be more information packed into each class and the material will be more advanced then you have taken previously.

    Also, you will spend the majority of your day in class. Unlike undergrad when you maybe went to class for 3-4 hours tops each day, you will spend 8-9 hours in the classroom or the lab each day. Then you still have to study on top of that.

    Then later, you'll be taking classes that require you to learn hands on skills. You'll be doing surgery and you'll be in clinics. And in those situations you're pretty much "taking a test" every single day.

    Good luck though.

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    First of all, vet college may be very complex to even get into. Some folks check out for years and in no way get in. You will most probably want a three.6 (in undergrad) to even consider approximately being approved. If you battle in top college publications then you'll battle much more in institution degree publications. Assuming that you just do get in, sure vet college may be very tough. Everything you will have learn on the net is correct. I spent many many evenings crying seeing that I did poorly on an examination or inspiration I'd do poorly on an upcoming examination. Half the time you do believe like an fool and you don't have any suggestion what is going on. In truth you are finding out greater than you consider you're however it surely does not believe adore it on the time. Sleep is surely tough to come back by way of and when you get on your medical yr you would simply pass 36-forty eight hours with out sleep seeing that of emergency responsibility. Your social lifestyles will endure as good. You would possibly not get to spend plenty of time together with your loved ones or peers external of college. Depending on wherein you reside you would uncover your self attending college at the different facet of the nation out of your loved ones. I do not know that I can price it on a scale of a million-10. It's surely the toughest factor I have ever performed however I do not know that I have adequate enjoy to mention that it is more difficult than the whole thing else on the earth.

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    I can't really speak from personal experience but a girl I knew from school used to want to become a vet and decided against it due to the amount of material that she would have to cover. Vets have to study a wide variety of animal species and anatomy on top of some of the more basic pre-med subjects like biology and chemistry. After figuring out how much time in school would be necessary, on top of internships and practical study, she decided to pursue a more specialized area in human medicine.

    So, uh, I guess it's really up to you. I mean, if that's your dream and you're really interested in it then I'd think all that work could be enjoyable. Hope my thoughts helped you in some small way and good luck!

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