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What do you think about the longest Lebanese Dabke in Montreal?"OUR UNITY THROUGH OUR DABKE"?

I am pretty sure Belier asked about this before but it just disappeared.


The Lebanese Student's Association in Montreal, Canada succeeded in placing a testimony on the Guinness Book of World Records by organizing a dabke dance with 4475 participants.


She resolved the question, I am loosing it lol

Update 2:

I am losing* it

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    Answer to your question about Lebanese dabke title isssss, I think its marvelous that we were able to come together to accomplish something so colossal. We are all like brothers and sisters that bicker at each other but in the end we Lebanese really love each other and come together and unite to do what is great for us as a people and our country. I am very proud of this title and very proud of the Lebanese community in Canada :D It is very gratifying to know that we have put our minds to something and accomplished it :) I hope we can practice this type of unity in our everyday Lebanese life and also that all of our leaders can reflect the people of Lebanon & our actions, the unity is quite admirable. Hopefully there will be more titles to come! 2009 is a great year for us and I pray from the whole of my heart that only better days will come for Lebanon<33

    Khalil Jibran<33 parts from "You have your Lebanon & I have my Lebanon"

    They are those who migrate with nothing but courage in their hearts and strength in their arms but who return with wealth in their hands and a wreath of glory upon their heads.

    They are the victorious wherever they go and loved and respected wherever they settle.

    They are the ones born in huts but who died in palaces of learning.

    These are the children of Lebanon; they are the lamps that cannot be snuffed by the wind and the salt which remains unspoiled through the ages.

    They are the ones who are steadily moving toward perfection, beauty, and truth.

    P.S. ur not losing it, alot of questions/answers have been mysteriously disappearing :p

    Source(s): Lebanese girl that loves to edbook ;)
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    lol yeah she did ask this question but its ok 3adi

    i think its cool before it was broke by some palestinians living in israel which was cool i guess and this is nice too that they were able to get a big group of lebanese out of the middle east to get together and do something that cool so yeah its nice

  • G Bone
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago


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