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Hypothetically, what would McCain have done differently?

We are in an alternate universe, and John McCain was sworn in as President on January 20, 2009.

As of June 24, 2009, what would McCain have done about:

1. Iraq

2. Afghanistan

3. The economy as a whole

4. GM going bankrupt

5. Somali pirates

6. North Korean nuclear tests

7. The price of oil

8. Taxes

9. The Iranian elections...

10. Name your own.....

Just wondering how Republicans/Conservatives think McCain would have done any better than Obama is doing right now.

And for this hypothetical situation, let's assume that Democrats control Congress, as they did at the end of 2008. Does that change your answer?

There is no "right or wrong". I'm interested in all opinions.

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    I say that John McCain would:

    1. Iraq.....We would stay the course!

    2. Afghanistan....We would stay the course!

    3. The economy as a whole...The economy is sound, there is no reason to be upset!

    4. GM going bankrupt...Blame it on the Union!

    5. Somali pirates....Go to war with Somalia.

    6. North Korean nuclear tests....Go to war with North Korean

    7. The price of oil....The economy is sound!!

    8. Taxes...The economy is sound!!

    9. The Iranian elections...Go to war with Iran

    10. Name your own.....Go to war with Venezuela. Take over the colombian drug cartels to support the economy even though it's sound.

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    1. Iraq - Probably not much different

    2. Afghanistan - Probably not much different

    3. The economy as a whole - Would not have passed a second stimulus. Would not have seized control of the banking industry. Would not be trying to expand the control without oversight of the Federal Reserve. I could go on all day on this subject.

    4. GM going bankrupt - Would not have seized controlling interest in two Automakers and probably would not have provided expanded bailouts. Certainly would not have given large interests to the UAW while denying proper attempt at recompense to bond holders.

    5. Somali pirates - Probably not much different

    6. North Korean nuclear tests - Probably not much different

    7. The price of oil - The President does not control the price of oil.

    8. Taxes - Hard to say here because McCain did not support the Bush tax cuts and has in the past voted for tax increases.

    9. The Iranian elections - Would have come out strongly in favor of democracy with immediate harsh words to ruling elite in Iran about their handling of the affair.

    Just for the record I did not vote for Obama or McCain but I seriously doubt if a McCain administration would have spent the enormous sums of money that we have seen from the Obama administration in such a short amount of time.

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    1. Iraq would be another korea, we would be there forever. 2. Afghanistan would go back to the taliban. 3. The economy would be so bad The Great Depression would look like an easy time. 4. All of the car companies would have gone bankrupt. 5. He would call up Bruce Willis and asked for his advice. 6. He would confuse Korea with VietNam. 7. Why should he care about the prices of oil? He and his trophy wife are rich! 8. Tax breaks for the rich would become permanent. 9. He would send the Air Force in and everyone in Iran would be dead from the bombs by now! 10. Everyone with a brain moves to Canada and Britain.

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    1. Iraq...He would have continued the Bush plan and troops would be out ahead of the 0'bama plan we ended up with.

    2. He would have got more participation from the Europeans

    3. Market based and on the mend.

    4. They would already be on the way out of bankruptcy instead of just going in and at more than half the price.

    5. Same deal except, more naval assests in the area and US maritime conduct in the area would be under Navy guidance.

    7. More investment in alternatives and a clear message to the traders that we intend to use less sooner rather than later.

    8. Cuts

    9. Strong statements of support and a clear committment to the international rule of law.

    10. There would be NO government funding of abortion.

    11. No government funding of embryonic stem cell research.

    12. No apologies

    14. Brown would have got a gift he could actually use.

    15. There would be no network broadcasts from the White House.

    18. There would be more military assets for less money

    20. He would have come back from the G8 with SOMETHING.

    21. He would not have a signed copy of Hugo Chavez' book.

    22. Nancy Pelosi would be subject to a congressional investigation and possible indictment for lying to EVERYBODY.

    23. There wouldn't be any Czars

    24. He would not have bowed to the Saudi Prince.

    25. His wife would not have molested the Queen of England and she would have been invited to the D day ceremonies in France.

    I have about 50 more but......I'm late for lunch.

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    1. Remained course in Iraq

    2. Bring on the Surge

    3. Would not have passed 3 more stimulus packages, brought capital gains down to zero, kept the bush tax cuts going, - all of which would have brought investors to the market and we would be further from our recession than we are now. Plus the Government would not be owners of GM, AIG, Citi and many more.

    4. He would have let them go chapter 11 before he lost billions of stimulus.

    5. Somali pirates.. the same thing would have happened.

    6. North Korea would not have seen McCain as a weak president but as a continuation of Bush and they would have kept their promise and not have started their nuke program because of it

    7. No president can control the price of oil - however with that said, he would be drilling for oil which would bring the price down.

    8. Taxes... income taxes would have stayed the same... capital gains would goto zero, dividends tax down to 16, death tax brought down, and there would be no cap and trade.

    9. Iran election - the same thing as 0bama is doing...

    10. His health care program was actually very doable and now being adapted by 0bama... The biggest thing would be the capital gains tax... this one single tax can directly change the markets and can bring us out of the recession in months... This can happen right now but 0bama wants to raise it, not get rid of it.

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    1. Iraq-Followed the General's Instructions as BO has done.

    2. Afghanistan-Same

    3. The economy as a whole-Let businesses fail, adopted Bank Bail-Out from Swedes

    4. GM going bankrupt-Let 'em file and re-structure

    5. Somali pirates-They'd be Blasted out of the water, it would be open season on unmarked vessels

    6. North Korean nuclear tests-Kim Jong wouldn't be as brash with his words.

    7. The price of oil: Drill Baby Drill, McCain was against it but Palin would've gotten it through.

    8. Taxes-Continue Bush's and maybe added a few more cuts.

    9. The Iranian elections...Condemned them quicker, not sucker punch Israel

    10. Name your own.....Pakistan-would've offered more support to a nation with Nuclear capabilities.

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    Well, I didn't really think McCain was a much better option, which is why I didn't vote for either of them.

    But I'm 100% confident that McCain wouldn't have sent millions of dollars to Hamas back in January. And McCain wouldn't have gone on a Must-Apologize-For-America tour across Europe calling americans arrogant and dismissive. He also wouldn't be campaigning to win over the hearts of muslims all over the world.

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    The economy. Mccain in 30 years had never had a earmark spending bill. Obama cost the taxpayers $1,000,000.00 everyday he showed up in the senate.

    5. Somali pirates would have been taken out when the captain dived overboard.And the smart pirate would not have been taken to U.S. soil. He would be forever at gitmo.

    Taxes. Lower.

    Bailouts. None.Business takeovers for his union buddies. None.

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    I'm not sure McCain would have done much differently. Keep in mind that McCain is not a real Republican when he continually brags that he likes to reach across the aisle to Democrats. McCain was a very bad choice as a candidate and most Republicans knew this. We know that you have to elect a Carter to get a Reagan.

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    The short answer is that McCain would (or should) infuse the financial system with new capital, cut taxes across the board, and then get out of the way. If he had done so, the recession would be over by now.

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