What are some new good pop songs ?

i love avril lavigne , jesse mccartney and taylor swift ( i know she is considered country but i love her songs )

and also some of the songs i like r :

shake it - metro station

halo , single ladies , diva - beyonce

anyway .. could u tell me some pop songs similar to those ??

thnxxx anyway =)

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    1 decade ago
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    jai hoe- pussycat dolls (also from the movie slumdog millionare)

    so much for you- ashley tisdale

    suddenly- ashley tisdale

    he said she said- ashley tisdale

    overrated- ashley tisdale

    its alright its ok- ashley tisdale

    masquerade- ashley tisdale

    be good too me- ashley tisdale

    headstrong- ashley tisdale

    not like that- ashely tisdale

    goin' crazy- ashley tisdale

    positivity- ashley tisdale

    dont touch (the zoom song)- ashley tisdale

    we'll be together- ashley tisdale

    over it- ashley tisdale

    love me for me- ashley tisdale

    unlove you- ashley tisdale

    i will be me- ashley tisdale

    i gotta feeling- black eyed peas

    boom boom pow- black eyed peas

    big girls dont cry- fergi

    fergalisious- fergi

    glamorous- fergi

    girlfriend- avril lavigne

    when your gone- avril lavigne

    hot- avril lavigne

    keep holding on- avril lavigne

    the best dam thing- avril lavigne

    complicated- avril lavigne

    halo- beyonce

    if i were a boy- beyonce

    single ladies- beyonce

    irreplaceable- beyonce

    womanizer- britney spears

    circus- britney spears

    out from under- britney spears

    kill the lights- britney spears

    shattered glass- britney spears

    if u seek amy- britney spears

    lace and leather- britney spears

    oxygen- colbie calliat

    the little things- colbie calliat

    on fine wire- colbie calliat

    bubbly- colbie calliat

    feelings show- colbie calliat

    midnight bottle- colbie calliat

    realize- colbie calliat

    tailor made- colbie calliat

    magic- colbie calliat

    tied down- colbie calliat

    here we go again- demi lavoto

    la la land- demi lavoto

    get back- demi lavoto

    trainwreck- demi lavoto

    party- demi lavoto

    on the line- demi lavoto/ jonas brothers

    dont forget- demi lavoto

    two worlds collide- demi lavoto

    the middle- demi lavoto

    believe in me- demi lavoto

    outta here- esmee denters

    low- flo rida

    right round- flo rida

    wake up call- hayden panttiere

    im yours- jason mraz

    lucky- jason mraz/ colbie calliat

    common simple beautiful- jennifer chung

    i dont know lets sing- jennifer chung

    leave(get out)- jojo

    i do not hook up- kelly clarkson

    cry- kelly clarkson

    breakaway- kelly clarkson

    since u been gone- kelly clarkson

    behind these hazel eyes- kelly clarkson

    beacause of u- kelly clarkson

    never again- kelly clarkson

    my life would suck without u- kelly clarkson

    whatch how i do this- kev blaze

    make some noise- krystal myers

    just dance- lady gaga

    love game- lady gaga

    poker face- lady gaga

    eh eh (nothing else i can say)- lady gaga

    money honey- lady gaga

    paparazzi- lady gaga

    beautiful dirty rich- lady gaga

    the fame- lady gaga

    star struck- lady gaga

    paper gangster- lady gaga

    i like it rough- lady gaga

    4 minutes- madonna

    seventeen forever- metro station

    kelsey- metro station

    shake it- metro station

    wish we were older- metro station

    now that we're done- metro station

    true to me- metro station

    tell me what to do- metro station

    breakout- miley cyrus

    7things- miley cyrus

    before the storm- miley cyrus/ nick jonas

    the driveway- miley cyrus

    full circle- miley cyrus

    fly on the wall- miley cyrus

    bottom of the ocean- miley cyrus

    wake up america- miley cyrus

    these four walls- miley cyrus

    simple song- miley cyrus

    goodbyes- miley cyrus

    see u again- miley cyrus

    dont walk away- miley cyrus

    dream- miley cyrus

    the climb- miley cyrus

    butterfly fly away- miley cyrus/ billy ray cyrus

    lets get crazy- hannah montana

    im just here for the music- paula abdule

    dance like theres no tomorrow- paula abdule

    whatcha think about that- pussycat dolls

    top of the world- pussycat dolls

    when i grow up- pussycat dolls

    i hate this part- pussycat dolls

    dont ya- pussycat dolls

    umbrella- rihanna

    disturbia- rihanna

    dont stop the music- rihanna

    if u only knew- savannah outan

    goodbyes- savannag outan

    fire burning- sean kingston

    beautiful girls- sean kingston

    live your life- T.I

    amazed- vannessa hugens

    dont trust me- 3OH!3

    SRY IF U DONT LIKE MILEY...... oh sry caps

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    don't trust me

    if u like avril listen to the song freak out its not new but its a rly good song.

    avril lavigne - listen to the b -sides song ther not new but very good and u probs wont no them

    - falling into history


    -not the only one

    -let go

    taylor swift - crazier

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  • 1 decade ago

    Goodbye-Kristinia DeBarge

    Easy-Paula DeAnda

    Eat you up-BoA


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