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Can you answer some of these history questions please?

I need to know about these topics for my final exam tomorrow, and I forgot my book at school. If you could leave a short explanation of some of the terms (like a sentence or two) that would be great.

Even if you only answer a couple, it'll really help.

Mexican American War:

Lowell mills:

Industrial Revolution:



Westward Expansion:

Texas statehood:


Dorothea Dix:

Henry David Thoreau:

Dred Scott:

John Brown:

Bleeding Kansas:

Henry Clay:

Missouri Compromise:




Union & Confederacy:

General Sherman:

Northern and southern strategies:

Advantages and Disadvantages of North and South:

John Wilkes Booth:

Andrew Johnson:


Thaddeus Stevens:

Rutherford B. Hayes:

Samuel Tilden:

Reconstruction Act:

Tenure of Office Act:

Wade Davis Bill:

Plessy V. Ferguson:


Jim Crow:

Compromise of 1850:

Manifest Destiny:

Compromise of 1877:


Gospel of Wealth:

Andrew Carnegie:

Knights of Labor:


Molly Maguires:

Haymarket Affair:

New immigrants:

Teddy Roosevelt:

Alfred Mahan:

USS Main:

Spanish American War:

Rough Riders:

Seward’s Folly:

Peace Treaty Spanish American War:

Grover Cleveland:

Panama Canal Zone:

Border States:

Map skills:

Montgomery Ward:

Josiah Strong:


Thomas Edison:

Radical Republicans:

William McKinley:

Populist Party:


Thanks a lot! Even if you only do a couple I'll really appreciate it.


By saying I left my book at school, I meant my book and notebook... With my notes...

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    i cant do all of these but bear with me, ill attempt

    Mexican War: war against Mexico over territory like places they took over in US (many other things, look it up)

    Industrial Rev: many things invented to help out Americans like cotton gin, ect

    Slavery: use of African Americans to do work, treated as property, ect

    Western Expansion: people moving to places like oregon and california (gold rush)

    Dred Scott: slave who moved to missouri (free state) for a while and claimed he was a free man, supreme court case, ruled he couldn't even testify because he was a slave (property)

    John Brown: led raid (revolution) on Harpers Ferry with black men, unsuccessful, was exicuted

    Bleeding Kansas: constant fighting between in Kansas and Missouri (free) to see what Kansas would become, free or slave, anti-slavery men and Border Ruffians(pro-slavery)

    Missouri compromise: divided in half for slavery and non slavery

    secession: the south seceded from the union

    Gettysburg: July 1-3 1863 over 50,000 casualties all together, bloodiest battle in American history, picketts charge, ect union won

    Antietam: bloodiest one-day battle in American history with over 25,000 casualties all together(one day!), union won

    Union: North/Federals/Yankees, more men, better supplied

    Confederates: South/Rebels, less men, not well supplied, fighting for a cause, lost war

    north strategies: thought it would be over in a month, split the south in 2, take Mississippi river, blockade ports

    south strategies: fight a defensive war

    the rest I'm not to sure about, hope this helps, its all basically from memory so it may not be exactly what you need. your welcome

    Source(s): me ( i remember a lot from 8th grade history and i am a civil war reenactor)
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    Mexican American War: Beaners wanted Texas back, we said no.

    Lowell mills: Lowell Mass. textile mills ? They're all run down now, Asians live in them

    Industrial Revolution:We started making stuff

    Slavery: It was considered bad.

    Immigration: We need a big wall.

    Westward Expansion: We can't go any further or we'll get wet.

    Texas statehood: It's like a whole new nation down there. I like it.

    Abolition: Of what?

    Dorothea Dix: Didn't know her

    Henry David Thoreau: Whack job lived in the woods alone.

    Dred Scott: No i don't dread him or his brother

    John Brown: Crazy white guy with messed up hair

    Bleeding Kansas: See John Brown

    Henry Clay: See John Brown

    Missouri Compromise: Kept them in the states

    Secession: South walked

    Gettysburg: Big Bad Battle

    Antietam: Big Bad Battle

    Union & Confederacy: Had differences of opinion

    General Sherman: Was a mad man, Great General.

    Northern and southern strategies: They both had them

    Advantages and Disadvantages of North and South: there were both in both

    John Wilkes Booth: Actor killed Lincoln

    Andrew Johnson: Vice Pres, under Lincoln

    Impeachment: Obama NOW

    Thaddeus Stevens: Weird 1st name

    Rutherford B. Hayes: a President

    Samuel Tilden: Weird last name

    KKK: Bunch of guys running around Tennesee spookin' black people

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    You should have been taking notes through out the class. You would be prepared by now if you had.

    Your best bet is to just search each topic on the Internet; it will go a lot faster.

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    Industrial Revolution, when this country switched from an agricultural nation to amking goods and services.

    Slavery, where farmers used cheap labor to profit, and the various industries supply and selling the slaves.

    Source(s): I could do dozens more, but this your work. Funny how much you can learn from a public education before there was an internet, or computers to look history up.
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    Google is your friend. Why did you forget your books when you have a final exam?? School does not get easier and organization is key. Get with the program!!

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  • tobcol
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    Pray to god your exam is multiple choice and pick "c" for every third question. For all others rotate between A, B, D, then back down, D, B, A.

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    You obviously have a computer hooked up to the internet.... Go do a google search and start studying.

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  • gone
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    Nope. Do your own research. You obviously have a computer and these are readily available. And this is monumental. Many of us who never agree on anything, agree on this.

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    Clearly, someone didn't get these answers during the schoolyear, and now needs them for summer school.

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    Good luck. Another deadbeat I'll be supporting with my tax dollars.

    Source(s): Horticulture student
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