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Would these two player be a good combination? What would their teams record?

Dwyane Wade and Dwight Howard- Miami Heat

Lebron James and Chris Bosh- Cleveland Cavaliers

Carmelo Anthony and Josh Howard- Denver Nuggets

Chris Paul and Andrew Bynum- New Orleans Hornets

Devin Harris and Yao Ming-

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    please read, i know its long

    If all depends on supporting cast but assuming each team is surrounded with solid defenders and shooters ill try to judge.

    Wade and howard is perfect, they are both athletic and although howard is inconsistant their athleticism, howards offensive rebounding, and both of thier reckless attacks on the pain would be unstoppable.

    Wade has the passing ability to hook up with the talented howard on tons of plays, and teams just wouldn't be able to contain their speed, skill, athleticism and passing on the break. This would be a very exciting duo, especially since wade has proved he can make it work with shaq.

    James and bosh are another good pair. They play preferably in a halfcourt pick and roll set. Lebron can feed it into bosh, or play pick and rolll with him like a point forward, whereas bosh can knock down a jumper, defend in the paint, which the cavs sorely need, and provide a good 22 ppg scorer to help lebron and mo and a guy to slow the game down through regular touches.

    He can kick it back out for open shots and his halfcourt defensive style is perfect for the cavs.

    Melo and howard however would not work. They have similar games in that they like the midrange, often spot up for three, attack the basket with similar moves and so forth.

    Howard unless he was very deferential and played primarily with the second unit would take up melo's space, limit his touches, and hurt the chemistry of the team. although it could work, the nuggets already have their sixth man in jr smith and despite the usefullnesss of another scorer, howard is just too similar in style to melo to be utilized fully.

    Bynum would be very similar to chandler in new orleans, although they are moving him, but is not the same defensive force. Although the athletic big would probably recieve some pretty regular alley oops from the pin point precise paul, he is still shaky on defense and scheduled post touches, despite his talent, and it would not be a dynamic duo of the same proportions as the others.

    fInally, this would be a highly unsuccesfull duo. Harris is quick, is a score first point guard, and loves to run the break, and is also pretty innefficietn, whereas yao is primarily half court, doesn't run, and is the embodiment of efficiensy, slow half court, and the opposite of anything harris stands for, they just dont have any chemistry.

    the heat would win 55-60 games

    the cavs would win 67 games, but would have signifigantly improved their offense and interior defense for the playoffs.

    53-56, the maturing process of jr would assist in counterbalancing the negative effects of howard. Hopefully he would be injured, or benched, at which piont they could probably mature and win some 60 games.

    the hornets continue to underperform, defensively the lack of chandler suffers, they win 53 games, but struggle with consistancy. they are carried by paul and west, but things look grim contract wise.

    47 games on the nets, 56 games with houston, they have little chemistry and eventually one will force a trade as their styles are completely incompatable

    hope i helped

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    Dwyane Wade and Dwight Howard- Miami Heat...

    with Wade's improving 3 point shot yeah...maybe 52-30

    Lebron James and Chris Bosh- Cleveland Cavaliers

    A great scoring 1-2 punch dont know what the supporting cast will look like but maybe this could become an offensive force...60 wins annually...

    Carmelo Anthony and Josh Howard- Denver Nuggets

    both play SForward, Melo would move to PF and it would make him a defensive liability, definitely strong scoring and Howard can play d, i think this team would flame out in the 1st or 2nd rounds...

    Chris Paul and Andrew Bynum- New Orleans Hornets

    bynum would break FG% records and score so easy w/ CP3's lob passes and Alley-oops, but would probably forget his defense in LA with no other compitition at Center assuming Tyson and West are gone w/ the aqusation of drew...50 wins anually

    Devin Harris and Yao Ming-

    ever heard of the Steve Franchise and Yao ERA?

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    D-Wade and D12 75-7

    Both very athletic. Great inside-outside combo

    LeBron and CB4 56-26

    LeBron is good when he drives, but not a great outside shooter. Bosh is a good mid-range shooter. The pick-and-roll would be deadly. Bosh sets screen, LeBron drives, kicks it back to Bosh, Swish.

    CP3 and Bynum 62-20

    CP3 is the league's 1 point guard. Can pass it to Bynum for easy shots.

    Melo and Josh Howard 50-32

    These 2 guys' primary position is small forward. I guess you can move Melo to power forward, but that wouldn't maximize Melo's potential.

    Devin Harris and Yao 41-41

    Devin Harris likes to run a fast paced offense. Yao likes to take it slow and steady.

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    Lebron James and Chris Bosh- Cleveland Cavaliers


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    I would say that Wade and Howard would be the most deadliest, but if the rest of the Heat are guys like Chalmers, Cook, J. Anthony, and other jokers they have then their record would be somewhere in the 50-55 wins. Lebron and Bosh with the rest of the Cavs current roster would win 60 and ultimately have the best team.

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    I think the 1st 2 would be great combos but the others average at best.

    Anthony & Howard are damn near the same player.

    Bynum is well.......Bynum

    Devin and Yao won't work cause Devin has "shoot 1st" mentality.

    Lebron and Bosh should be 'Ship all day.

    Wade and Howard would be better on the Magic team.

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    ... ok why put harris with yao... yao can shoot, devin drives.

    theres no real chemistry there...(passing... yao doesnt realy... devin not really)

    best combo would be wade and howard.

    Why? Point guard to Center

    pass dunk, pass dunk, fake shoot, rebound, dunk

    Lebron and bosh... bosh isnt as aggresive as howard.

    ... it woudl eb a clsoe race for 1st though

    melo and howard... no... i don't like either im sry...

    paul and bynum...paul good, bynum .... he's got to get his shots in...

    he's not as aggressive on offence, too aggresive on defence.

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    D-Wade and D12


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    It don't matter, all of these players could be on the same team and still get stomped by the Lakers, including Bynum's lazy a$$

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    D-Wade and D-12. Explosive speed and scoring + dominant power equals championship.


    I'm so smart.

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