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What do you think has had a greater influence on your behavior, thoughts, & feelings? Nature or Nurture?

Do you think behavior, thoughts, and feelings in one are genetically predisposed?

Or do you think they are influences greatly by the environment?

Please list any relevant links so I may research this topic further.

Thank you.

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    As a child more or less clearly physically resembles parents, looking like somewhat of a synthesis of the physical characters of both parents, also psychically there may be some interesting signs of resemblance, in spite of our ironic saying "intelligent dad, dumb son!"

    When people's behaviour tells something of the environment, of the culture, in which those people have been born and have been directed to some unfolding,

    on the immediate surface it will look as if behaviour, thoughts and feelings are genetically and culturally predisposed, as if we were the robots of our own culture, the clear bearers and furtherers of the characters of the tribe or society that generated us.

    Obviously nurture has a great importance in the development of behaviour, of thoughts and of feelings. A child that is physically well-nurtured and very well helped to unfold, to become psychosomatically cleverer, that child will appear to be more intelligent than other children that did not have a good nurture (good food, good shelter, love) and a good intellectual stimulation.

    There are some people who by nature were predisposed for more intelligence, for a more glowing unfolding of their inner qualities, for greater things. But when such people will not be properly nurtured or psychologically supported, they may end up showing signs of psychic unbalance, they may even end up behaving as if mentally disturbed, sort of more irrationally behaving, tending towards criminal behaviour. If they had been given chances of unfolding in the ways of their predisposition, of their intellectual qualities, of their dreamy talents, they might have become great glowingly good personalities. For example one like Hitler might have become a great painter if his wishes of doing art had been corroborated or promoted in his environment. He did not, he was rejected, therefore he may have nourished a lot of resentment and may have ended up, as he did, making his the power of his personality weighing greatly in the world in the way that we know, very different from that of a famous painter.

    Thus, a genetic predisposition, a considerate support, the fortune of having been born within a supporting environment, and also some good degree of astute and resolute willpower, with a will to ardently try and ever proudly unfold in spite of all the dire impediments, all may contribute to the particular actual lay-out of a personality.

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    The way I was taught it, which makes sense to me, is that we are all sent here with a blank slate, it's everything that happens to us and how we learn to cope with those things that makes us what we are. So to me it's about nuture, how you have been loved, so you can show love and love, how you were treated so you learned the proper way to treat others and how to get out of places where you weren't treated well. We cannot give something that wasn't given to us. That is why when you see kids that are unruly, you can almost guess what is going on with them and their home life. It has to be messed up in one way or another, from single parent to a house of chaos because both parents are there. Or they learn to try to help their fellow man and make a better world for everybody including themselves. They have learned to be unselfish with what they have.

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    i came to this question while i was doing my psychology a levels ...and excellent site to help you with psychology wil be psych-exchange and

    and about your question i will go with nature.if you have traveled you will notice the much of the behavior remains same through out the world.but environment is very very west people ar given more of the independence and in asian countries the people esp girls are not given that much independence but behavior remains same.same as in sense same techniques still molds person behavior.pavlov techniques are still used throughout the world.

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    I think its the environment that your raised in. I dont think you are determined to be one way genetically. i think if a kid is loved continuously and is in a good healthy environment, he will have a better cance to be loving than a kid whose parents hated him and he was always influenced by bad things in life.

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    I'm more of a cognitive behaviorist myself so I think your thoughts and how you react to things as having the biggest impact on what I do. Nature certainly has its imperatives but most of the time, through willpower, they can be surpassed or ignored.

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    The personality types a human can have are defined in their genes. Which of those types does the person become is up to nurture.

    Source(s): i changed my personality and have been researching a lot since then
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    I've seen those with positive, happy parents produce happy, positive children

    And those with negative parents give rise to negative, insecure, self-pitying emo teenagers

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