looking for a bank that accepts cirrus cards in amsterdam.?

my card says maestro as well but it doesnt work at the atm, my bank in SA says to find one that says cirrus, anyone know of a bank that accepts cirrus in Amsterdam?

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    Cirrus is part of the Mastercard network http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cirrus_(interbank_net... and I know ABN Amro is part of that network (I have a Mastercard credit card with them), so this is the first bank I would try. They have a branch off Dam Square in the centre of Amsterdam

    Otherwise there is a page on the Mastercard site detailing local ATM's, but it is really slow for me at the moment http://www.mastercard.com/us/personal/en/cardholde... Eventually it loads up with 531 machines in Amsterdam and this indicates that the ABN Amro and Rabobank are banks which accept Cirrus/Mastercard. Both ABN and Rabo have branches and machines off Dam square, so this would be your best bet, and otherwise check the link I gave you for yourself as it gives the exact addresses for all ATM's available

    P.S. - I shouldn't have to mention it, but will just in case. The last time I used the ABN ATM at Dam square there were a couple of men trying to look over my shoulder and given that machines are sometimes cloned (but they still need your pin number), I ceased the transaction, went in the bank, informed them about it and used the one inside instead. The bank took it very seriously and immediately sent staff members who were in plain clothes to see if they could spot the pair.

    So if it is open, use the one inside the branch for safety's sake.

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    Cirrus is a system for most of the banks, that means that all banks on the Visa system as well as all cards on the Mastercard system can be used.

    You will have a hard time to find an ATM in Amsterdam that does not accept it.

    If you do not like an ATM, or when there is a long line of people waiting, just walk on, and on the next street there will be an other ATM, often without people waiting at all.

    Source(s): I am a frequent visitor to Amsterdam and have used both Visa and Mastercard cards.
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    confident. maximum ATMs will settle for Maestro and Cirrus. maximum shops settle for debit enjoying cards, yet many will merely take U.S. monetary institution account debit enjoying cards. Visa and grasp Card are the main extensively favourite credits enjoying cards interior the States.

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  • Most banks do.

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