First aid awareness campaign strategy for senior citizens?

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I am sorry but I don't understand your question. But I will say what you don't know CAN kill you. With a little knowledge, I have gotten people to the hospital in time because I recognized signs. The slurring my Dad had when he had a stroke. The nauseousness and arm pain my Grandmother had when she had her heart attack. The trouble with us older folks is that we get so use to little aches and pains we figure when something significant comes along it's just another passing thing. I actually drove with my friends father for 7 hours while he was having a heart attack. He kept saying. His "old football arm hurt" To get people to DO something about the signs is the problem. ER's are filled with people with splinters and other very minor injury's and the people who desperately need to be there :don't want to bother anyone' This is especially true when people live alone and don't have someone to recognize and 'force' them to get medical help. Good luck *Edit* Just heard recently that many inurjies are from tripping over pets. Who knew?
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  • Lisette answered 5 years ago
    You could have someone come and speak at the senior community center or have a seminar in your local church.
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  • Diane M answered 5 years ago
    First aid awareness is good for any age group. I do a training on fall risk and disaster preparedness for seniors. I'm sure if you offer to do trainings over morning coffees for senior at churches and senior centers you will get people to attend. Just make sure you have coffee and donuts.
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  • Peapie answered 5 years ago
    It is a great idea for the reasons already mentioned above.
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  • ? answered 5 years ago
    I think a First Aid awareness campaign for senior citizens would be a good idea considering a lot of the First Aid learned in their younger years is now outdated and in a lot of cases completely wrong.

    I remember when I was a child the *in thing* to put on a burn or scald was butter!!!

    I was a member of the St. John's Ambulance Brigade when I was a youngster and even the stuff I learned back then is totally wrong today so yes, if there was a class available for me to learn First Aid I would certainly like to learn what is the correct way to deal with certain situations.
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