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chemistry about Arsenic(III)

Arsenic is in group five, so it's state should be [As-3] right?

like Nitrogen is [N-3]

but why when i find information online, people said that it should be [As+3]?

Can answer in CHINESE or ENGLISH , thankss


well i know it can be,

my i just want to ask why? isnt that they should only formed negative charge?

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    Who told you that As should be +3 ?

    I told you, Arsenic can be -3,+3 and +5

    You should check the periodic table of element.

    Told you the extra :

    Nitrogen can be -3,-2,-1,+1,+2,+3,+4 and +5.

    You may be amazed but I check the chemistry book which borrowed in library.

    Source(s): My Chemistry book
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