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腐 蝕 等 於 侵 蝕 ?

請 問 腐 蝕 是 否 等 於 侵 蝕 ?

請 問 腐 蝕 是 否 等 於 侵 蝕 ?

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    用英文erode等於侵蝕, 亦可說腐蝕--corrode是侵蝕的一種. 侵蝕是更廣泛詞. 以下是用英文作解法:

    erode--1)to diminsh or destroy by degrees, a) to eat into or away by slow destruction of substance( as by acid, infection,or cancer). b) to wear away by action of water, wind, or by glacial ice. c) to cause to deteriorate or disappear as if by eating or wearing away. 2) to produce or by eroding.

    corrode--1) to eat away by degrees as if gnawing ; especially by chemical action. 2) to weaken or destroy gradually e.g.human spirit.

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